Oregon Trail coming to iPhone

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If you’re close to thirty or above, chances are you remember a game called “The Oregon Trail”. It is a classic computer game that looked something like this…

I remember very clearly that “The Oregon Trail” was one of, if not THE first computer game I ever played. The game was a “reward” in our first computer classes in elementary school. If you finished whatever your assignment was, you got to play Oregon Trail.

Now, that game is coming back for the 21st Century on the iPhone, and it looks like this…

It’s quite an update, and I can’t wait to play it. The game is coming out for the iPhone hopefully by March 1st from Gameloft. IGN has more screenshots right here. I sincerely hope that the game has a “classic” mode as well…but either way, I’m in.

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3 thoughts on “Oregon Trail coming to iPhone

  1. Hahahaha awesome! I totally remember that game. And same with me, it was a reward for finishing my computer work early in elementary school! I might buy this game just for sentimental value haha

  2. i’m 21 and we played this game all the time on the old mac machines in my middle school. you can download the it for free somewhere on the interwebz. i hope the new version is cheap… if not free as well.

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