Next iPad Mini May Still Not Have a Retina Display

iPad Mini
iPad Mini

If you’re already eyeing a Retina display-enabled iPad Mini as your next purchase you may have to wait far longer than expected. According to a report released by the NPD DisplaySearch, a Retina version of the iPad Mini may arrive only after another version of the iPad Mini is released first.

According to the report, the new iPad Mini will still use a 7.9 inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 768, which is the same display for the first generation iPad Mini (the one currently in production).  But the new product will use iOS 7 and will have an upgraded A6 processor. The form factor will also get an overhaul as it is going to be thinner than the iPad Mini 1, which is 0.28 inches thick and about 0.2 inches thinner compared to the iPhone 5.

So why will the new iPad Mini not get a Retina display? According to the report, the production of the retina version of the Mini has been pushed back to early 2014. This delay has also been reported by Citi Research just last week. Two reports saying the same thing about the delay does give the information more weight. This delay will definitely disappoint a lot of people who are already expecting the next generation of the iPad Mini to have a Retina display.

Other information contained in the report include the production of the 9.7 inch iPad, which is expected to have an upgraded A7 processor. But the report said that production of this new version of the iPad will only begin production in the third quarter this year, which could also possibly mean a delay in its release. New iPad models are usually announced around September. If the new iPad will only start production in the same quarter it is announced, it’s going to be an impossibly tight schedule.

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