How Much C4 Will a Mac Pro Hold? [Video]

Mac Pro c4

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Here’s a simple, albeit probably useless, question for you: How Much C4 Will a Mac Pro Hold?

Interestingly enough, while the Mac Pro is probably one of the best designs Apple has come up with, it has been the subject of so much “fun”. It’s been called the most expensive trash can you can buy (although Brabantia might have something to say about that).

I digress…this post is about something you should never try at home. Some dudes have a lot of time on their hands, not to mention money and guts. While you will not see explosives till about the 3rd minute – and explosions a little later – it’s well worth the wait.

Not only will you find out exactly how much C4 a Mac Pro will hold, but…well, I don’t like spoilers, so just watch the video from start to finish.

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