iPod circa 1952?

This interesting blast from the past showed up on digg today. While not exactly an iPod, it is certainly the 1952 equivalent, and a much better deal. Priced at $4.95 this little pocket sized movie viewer would allow you to watch a complete 50 foot roll of 8mm film. So anyone with an 8mm camera could record whatever they liked, and view it in this tiny pocket sized portable player. The ad points out that it could be great for service men over seas, so they could see any of the movies that you could buy from the company (including Bathing Buddies?!?!)…or you could shoot your own home movies with an 8mm camera.

Even with inflation this thing is only $37.12 by today’s currency…so it was much cheaper than even an iPod shuffle!

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  1. “Bathing Buddies” may sound like some kind of late-40s stag film, but a quick IMDB search reveals it’s a Woody Woodpecker cartoon. “Beauties of Bali” had no listing, but it might be more pocket-porny if that’s your bent. I was losing interest before I did “Hit the Silk,” although I assume it’s either an S&M short or a paratrooper documentary.

    You’re welcome.