IMAGE: An Apple Store opens up in LEGO Land

The Austin Maker Faire here in Texas has a lot of really cool stuff to look at. So much so that you can miss the small stuff sometimes. Luckily, an eagle-eyed photographer caught this little gem – an Apple Store has apparently opened up at the miniature main street created by the Texas LEGO User Group.

The group managed to put together a town with a layout that included working trains and motors. You can find more of their stuff here.

via tuaw



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  1. That is TOOOO COOOL! An Apple Store in LEGO! Lego should make an Apple Store kit! Maybe the Cube in NYC or The tall glass Store in Sydney!

  2. Is the image is mirrored? – notice the “HOTEL” sign. If that is so, why is the Apple image the right way round and the truck on the correct (US, right) side of the road?