Hear Siri Sing at “Covers by Siri”

Not everyone has a love affair with Siri like Raj (The Big Bang Theory, The Beta Test Initiation), but some people in real life rely on Siri.

But did you know that Siri can sing as well?

While she doesn’t have original songs – yet – she does cover songs.

Covers by Siri is a web site which features new songs performed by iOS users’ personal assistant.

Currently, it only offers three songs at a time, but new songs are added every Friday. If you have a specific song that you want Siri to cover, you can make a request. Just like with DJs of old.

You can stream each cover song, but if you love it enough, then you can download it.

Visit Covers by Siri, and have a bit of fun.

P.S. If you have no sense of humor, forget it.

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