Find Out What’s Happening at Macworld 2009 with the Hess Memorial Events List

If you’re looking for info on what events are happening in and around Macworld next week, there’s only one place you need to look – The Hess Memorial Macworld Expo SF 2009 Events List.

This is the most extensive list of events happening around Macworld that you can find online. There is a note on the site currently that some updates have been delayed, but everything will be up and running by Macworld – be sure and bookmark it before you head out.

Robert Hess was an associate editor at MacWEEK who passed away in 1996. He was the founder of the Macworld party list, and the list still lives on today in his memory.

If you know of an event that’s not listed on the site, please contact them and let them know what’s happening and where. Ilene Hoffman does a great job with the list every year, and she’ll be sure it gets on the list by showtime.



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