Doodle Jump – The Most Addictive iPhone Game Yet

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iPhone developer Lima Sky has created a certifiable addiction with their game “Doodle Jump”. This simple to learn, extremely hard to master, game looks like doodles drawn on grid paper. Your little alien looking doodle jumps every time it touches one of the green or blue platforms in the game. Your goal is to jump as high as you can without missing a platform, or getting hit by a monster, black hole, or alien space ship, along the way.

Easy enough, right?

Sure it is.

Along the way, you will see little red marks with the names of other players who have been playing recently, showing you how far they have progressed.

It has become my most recent life goal to make it onto the Top 100 High Scores for this game. So far about 30k points is as high as I can get…so I still have a ways to go…but I’m going to get there.

This game invokes some of the greatest of the old school arcade game style play. The main character reminds me of Q*bert, and the game play actually reminds me quite a bit of Donkey Kong…but the game itself is totally original…more FEELING like those old classics than actually knocking them off.

The game is $0.99. What the heck are you waiting for?

Get it now.

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5 thoughts on “Doodle Jump – The Most Addictive iPhone Game Yet

  1. I am fairly angry and disappointed at the developers. Not saying they have made a bad game, just that the entire thing is a rip off. PapiJump, a FREE game which was released with the App Store release.

    Can be found:

    The structure of the game is the EXACT same!
    I would suggest anybody to download PapiJump as it has the exact same game-play. Highly addictive.

    Or if you really want the true competitor for this game, also check out PapiJump PLUS ( One with multiple different level styles to choose from. This has the same price as Doodle Jump with even more added features.

    Maybe Doodle Jump does run and play better, but you shouldn’t support developers which just rip off other peoples ideas!

    Do check out Papi Jump and it is FREE so you have no reason not to! It is just like this app but without the added cost! Support original and reliable developers, not the copycat scamming ones.

  2. haha too bad I didn’t see the comments before I bought Doodle Jump. It was just a buck tho and Doodle Jump is pretty addictive. My high score is 20k right now but I’ve only been playing for 15 mins

  3. Looks cute. I think my kids would enjoy this game. I might even try it – I enjoy a challenge!

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