AppleTV Take 2 – now available for download


The delayed update to AppleTV has officially been released, and you can download it now by going into your AppleTV settings tab and selecting “Update Software”.

The eagerly anticipated update includes HD iTunes movie rentals, access to the iTunes audio, video, and podcasting stores, and syncing with .Mac and Flickr accounts.

You can find my first impressions of the software right here.


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  1. I don’t like the new menu system. I don’t like that all of the MY and SHARED sources are buried at the bottom of each sub-menu.

    I don’t like that all of my Movies – both on the AppleTV HD and streamed from my iMac – all get lumped into one area – MY MOVIES. I’ve had to select the SYNC ONLY option on iTunes to keep from having to wade through all of my movies to find what I want. I preferred the old SOURCES method. I could keep new stuff on the AppleTV HD, then if there was something older I wanted to watch I could navigate to my iMac and stream the older stuff. Just wish there was a way of setting up playlists in movies – that would solve the problems I think.

    I’m also no fond of the way SHARED items are handled. Again, with 1.1 I could navigate to SOURCES, select my 7 yr old daughter’s Computer, then she would only have access to her Movies, TV Shows and Music. She was really good at navigating back and forth between music, movies and TV shows. She’d having problems picking up the new way of getting to her stuff through the SHARED menu options.