Apple’s 1984 Commercial makes a cameo in “Watchmen”

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I just got back from one of the early showings of “Watchmen” today, and was surprised to see that even in a 1985 where Dr. Manhattan has brought electric cars to the masses – the Macintosh is still a revolutionary product, and Ridley Scott still directed the commercial above.

If you’re an Apple fan the commercial will stick out like a sore thumb when you see it in the film, and I don’t want to accidentally spoil any portion of the story for those that might not be familiar with it.

I only have one word of caution for those of you with kids…this is NOT a super hero movie for them. It is a HARD “R” Rating – and you should keep that in mind before you decide if they should see it. There is graphic sex, nudity, extreme violence, and (of course) foul language.

Having said all that – it’s a fantastic film, and I highly recommend both it, and the graphic novel that inspired it. It is truly one of the greatest comic books of all time – and it has been very lovingly translated to the screen.

If you’ve “watched the Watchmen” – did you see the Apple spot?

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