Apple raises price of Leopard Student Edition

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When Tiger shipped, College students only had to pay $69 for it. That won’t be the case when Leopard ships at the end of next week. Leopard will be setting them back $116, only $13 less than the retail price.

The reason?

Well, I can only speculate, but I would imagine that Apple sells A LOT of copies of Mac OSX through student outlets, and they decided to stop giving it away. Will some college students complain? I’m sure they will. If I was a college student I might…BUT…I’m not.

from the Crunch Gear article:

I seem to remember Tiger only costing $69 for college kids, kids who are notorious for spending the pennies they earn working at the campus library on beer and beer-related activities. As a student, I’d like to know what caused the price to shoot up by nearly 60 percent?

Anybody else think he answered his own question? Apple wants your beer money.

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7 thoughts on “Apple raises price of Leopard Student Edition

  1. Schools still get deep educational discounts. Your school book store should still be offering it at $69. There you have to show your student ID to make a purchase. On, there is no proof other than your good word that you are a student. You can pick any school from the list and get a good deal. Apple knows this. That is why they are no longer offering a deep discount online. It’s to deter people from trying to get it for cheap even when they are not actually a student.

  2. I read somewhere that the higher price is for direct purchase though (presumably because it’s hard to prove you are a student over the internet) but that the lower priced version will still be available at brick-and-mortar resellers (student bookstores etc).

  3. Yes i can vouch for that. i go to ucla and my school bookstore is selling it at $69 with a valid student id. they are already accepting pre-orders

  4. I’m at University of South Florida. Banners were posted up this morning for the $69 price point as well. They’re getting their shipment on Thursday evening to begin selling Friday morning.

  5. I’m at Columbia and our bookstore has stopped selling software of any kind — any idea how I can get Leopard for $69?

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