This Is What Apple Employees Are Getting for Christmas

apple employees christmas gift backpack

Apple has a tradition of giving their employees a signature gift at the end of the year as a way of saying thank you for doing their part for the company. It’s not an unusual practice, for sure, as many other companies do the same thing.

Then again, it’s Apple, so it makes fans curious and talk about it.

This year, Apple employees are getting a customized Incase backpack. 9to5Mac shows the front and back of the backpack, which of course sports the Apple logo.

apple employees christmas gift backpack

This year’s company gift is a customized Incase Staple Backpack, which goes for $59.94 on Amazon.

The same article displayed a tweet by an employee showing off sharing just how happy he is with Apple’s gift.

apple employees christmas gift

It seems, though, that not every employee appreciates the gift. One actually sold it on eBay brand new and sealed for $99. If you’re looking to buy it, you’re out of luck. As you may guess, there were probably no lack of takers for the gift.

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