30 Days of Apple TV – Day 18

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As we get closer to the end of this 30 day period, I’m having trouble waiting that extra 24 hours for new shows. I want to watch my Thursday night line up on Thursday night…not Friday…and I didn’t think that would be much of an issue for me…but I keep finding myself running over to various sites trying to find the episodes after they air…knowing full well that I will purchase them the next day in iTunes.

Switching to the AppleTV definitely sullies the water-cooler talk (although I work at home, and I don’t have a water cooler, so I’m not sure how that is a problem for me). I am still impressed with Visual Hub, and its ability to convert video for me so quickly.

I’ll be trying a DVD or two this weekend I think, to give you an idea of how fast that will convert.

I am, however, getting used to not flipping channels. I don’t really even think about doing that anymore…and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having my Podcasts on my television. Watching the podcasting community adapt and embrace the AppleTV so quickly has been a pleasure to watch, and I have even managed to get my wife hooked on Diggnation since we got this little hot box (and this little fella is HOT).

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3 thoughts on “30 Days of Apple TV – Day 18

  1. I have to agree with you on the podcast thing. Im amazed at how good some of them are, and while I patiently wait for the UK Movie Store, I’ve found plenty at reasonable resolution to feed the AppleTV.

    The other pleasant surprise has been the photo slideshows and screen savers. I think you mentioned that in an earlier posting. We’ve spent hours with the family enjoying photos …’till now hidden on the Mac.

    Very pleased with this thing so far.


  2. Jon –

    Yeah, I’ve been really surprised how cool it’s been to have the photos as the screensaver. My daughter loves it.

  3. Ditto on the photo screensaver and podcasts. If you are a fan of that EVEREST reality show check out the podcast. “The Rest of Everest”. It is an inside look at an entire Everest expedition. Worth the price of the ATV alone IMO! I love my Apple TV. Although I have DirecTV I rarely find myself watching it these days. If it wasn’t for football I would probably dump TV altogether. I use Handbrake and VisualHub and have close to 300 movies on external drives that I am feeding to my ATV from from iMac. I couldn’t be happier with the product.

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