YouTube Find: Pirates of Silicon Valley – Jobs. vs. Gates

With all the drama that Bill Gates has been stirring up over the last few weeks, I thought this clip from Pirates of Silicon Valley was a worthy post…ah the good old days…when they were both stealing from Xerox…

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  1. Not to steal anyones thunder or anything… but buying the grafical user interfacer from Xerox for 12000 $ is hardly the same as, hey steve if you borrow me a prototype of the Mac a year before you release it I’ll create great software for it. And then when your asked if the rumors of the backwards-engineering of the Mac OS going on at Microsoft you say: oh no Steve, wouldn’t dream of stealing your stuff !

    See the difference? Buying a patent that a company lacks the vision for vs. borrowing a prototype to backwards-engineer it? You would have to be Dvorak to compare the two.. and I’m asuming your not writing under an alis ???? :))))) (just kidding).

    Please help putting to rest all the myths out there, don’t spread them. Thanks.