Sun finally decides to back OS X Native port of Open Office

sun-logo-new.GIFIn a blog post a developer for Sun Microsystems announced that Sun will help to port Open Office to OS X. Currently NeoOffice is the only native version of Open Office for OS X. It is still possible to run Open Office using X11 in OS X, but an official native port is LONG over due, and would be very much appreciated….although, the more I think about it, Neo Office is already pretty darn good. I’m not sure how much they can improve upon that.

Previously Sun has not wanted to support OS X, but now they plan to actively push it.

You can read the full blog post here.

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  1. i can instantly think of at least two ways to improve openoffice on osx:
    – improve load times (pleaaaase!)
    – native cocoa interface (not gonna happen, i know…)

    i have to agree though, the neooffice builds are getting better and better.