Software Spotlight: Snö

sno.pngLooking to add some holiday cheer to your desktop?

May we present Snö.

Snö makes it…well…snow on your desktop.

That’s it.

From the website:

Snö is a useless application that makes snow fall over your desktop. Snö is the Swedish name for Snow.

Snö is freeware, OpenSource, non-copyrighted and totally unsupported. I make no claims on you, and you cannot claim anything from me. The only thing I request is that you have fun with the program, contribute any modifications to the source to the world, and mail me if you have any ideas for this product, or others.

Snö is one of a dozen small applications from Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity…we’ll be spotlight more of them in the future…but you can check them all out right here.

Click Here to download Snö



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