Protect Your Aluminum iPad With Aluminum

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It’s interesting the multitude of different types of iPad cases that are coming out nowadays. A lot of people seem to be going for the Moleskine look, with a black leather case an a rubber band. Others are making more traditional cases, more akin to the Slider cases by incase. Then there’s this one by drawCase, which at first I hated, and now I really think I like. Here’s why:

The purpose of a case for the iPad is to protect it from damage from drops. But for me, I picture the biggest likelihood of that happening is when I’m moving it from one place to another, possibly for a long trip or whatever. But at the same time, I like the look of the iPad, and I want people to see how pretty it is. That’s weird, right? Well whatever it is, a case like this might be the perfect fit. It’s padded on the inside, but it’s got a tough aluminum exterior. It also looks like a big zippo lighter if you’re into that sort of thing. Available in 7 colors, this case has yet to be priced – and technically, built. But now that the iPad is in the streets, I’m sure they’ll be carving these out of aluminum in no time at all.

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