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Well, there are going to be a lot more of these types of accessories in the next few months, and we’ll have to see how the marketplace takes it. Now I’m a dock fan, and I’m a fan of the iMac’s clean looks. I purchased a mStand MacBook stand for my MacBook Pro, and I love it. It puts the monitor up at the same level as my other monitor, and it looks super clean. A great addition to my desktop.

So whenever I find other iMac styled docks that look cool, I check them out. In this case, it’s the LUXA2 H4 Holder, a new version for the iPad. It’s got a similar base, with the same angled aluminum that you find on the iMac. But the prongs on the side are a little … rugged for my taste. It kind of detracts from the streamlined look of the iPad. Compare that to the H2, their same stand for the iPhone, and you’ve got a a super clean stand that makes you wonder how the phone defies gravity.

Ultimately, I think the issue here is that the iPad isn’t in stock and no one has firm measurements on it yet that they can use for mockups. But a few weeks from now, I anticipate a new stand from this company in the same vein as the H2, but bigger. We’ll see how it goes.

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