Patent for “Inverted Ear Tips” May Point to Apple Wireless Earbuds

Apple wireless earbuds

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I wish! Seriously.

People who run, jog, or work out at the gym know all too well how the default Apple earbuds suck for these activities. They don’t fit comfortably. They are more prone to falling out. The cable gets annoying.

While there may be other brands that manufacture earphones specially designed for sports activities, it would be nice to have Apple wireless earbuds that come with the iPhone. The money you’d otherwise spend on wireless earbuds from other brands can be put aside for the “new iPhone/iPad fund”.

Well, here’s a bit of hope if you’ve been dreaming of Apple wireless earbuds.

Apple filed a patent called “Invertible Ear Tips for an Ear Piece” on November 25, 2013, which may be an indication that the company has plans for making wireless earbuds.

The main element of the patent is the rubber component that is supposed to make the earbud fit snugly inside the ear – getting rid of the “falling out” problem.

apple wireless earbuds

What is more interesting is the description below.

“The earpiece may include one or more audio components operative to process signals received from the electronic device and generate an audio output for the user. The audio components may be coupled to the electronic device using any suitable approach, including for example wirelessly (e.g., using a Bluetooth or wireless protocol), or using a cable.”

Sure, there is still a mention of a cable, but seeing “Bluetooth” and “wireless protocol” in there changes things.

There’s no guarantee, of course, and even if the patent is approved, we know that Apple might not bring the product to market.

Crossing my fingers on this one.

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