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Ford to discontinue Fiesta Model

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The Ford Fiesta is an iconic supermini that is a common sight on UK roads. The vehicle is popular with new and young drivers, small families, elderly drivers and many other groups as it is a vehicle that ticks many boxes. Now, after 47 years and 8 generations, the Fiesta is being discontinued as the manufacturer starts to focus on EVs.

An Iconic Vehicle

The Ford Fiesta was consistently the top-selling car in the UK for several years in a row and this is for good reason. A car that is compact, cheap to run, reliable and practical, the Fiesta was originally developed in the early 70s to combat an oil crisis that saw motorists requiring more efficient vehicles. Something similar is now happening 50 years later with an oil crisis seeing many motorists looking to make the change to an electric car (also as a way to reduce their impact).

Why is Production Stopping?

According to Ford, the Fiesta’s “job is done” and this is hard to argue with as a car that has been so dominant for so many years. The sale of EVs has been steadily on the rise in recent times and more and more motorists will be looking to make the change in the coming years. This is particularly true with the upcoming 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel, which means that many
people’s next car will be an EV.

For those making the switch, make sure that you take out car gap insurance as a way to protect your investment. This means that the Fiesta will become less in demand in the years to come and Ford is sensibly
switching its focus to EVs.

What Will Replace the Fiesta?

It is certainly the end of an era at Ford with the discontinuation of the iconic Fiesta, but it is the start of another exciting era. Ford plans to introduce three new electric passenger vehicles in Europe by 2024 as well as four new electric commercial vehicles. They plan to sell over 600,000 electric vehicles in Europe by 2026, so it will be a busy few years ahead. Although it is a lot of change, Stuart Rowley (Head of Ford of Europe) reassured Ford fans : “Let me assure you these products will absolutely look like Fords, drive like Fords and the experiences that we provide will give customers unique purchase and ownership experiences.”

The recent announcement that Ford will be ending production of the Fiesta is sad news as it is the end of an era. The iconic supermini was consistently the best- selling car in the UK for many years, but it is also a reflection of the times as the world heads towards electrification and automobiles that will cause less harm to the environment.


Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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