Cuff Accessories Make iOS-linked Security Fashionable

Wearable tech is all the rage these days, and no one really needs an explanation why that is the case. Having an unobtrusive device on your person, which you can access with a click/tap or two does make for an interesting experience. While the scene is not quite there yet, there are some emerging players who are offering a somewhat different thing. In this case, it’s a company called Cuff.

Cuff is launching a line of wearable tech in the form of jewelry, with the goal of sending out an emergency alert to specific recipients without calling unwanted attention.

Think about it – when you’re being held up, probably the last thing you’ll get away with is taking out your phone and calling/texting your partner/parents/the police. With Cuff’s devices, your chances of getting in touch with someone for help are much, much higher.

What exactly are these devices and how do they work?



Cuff has bracelets, keychains, and necklaces, all of which have a button which you can press in case of an emergency. By pressing the button, a select group of people will receive an alert. Obviously, you have to configure these alerts and the recipients.

At this point, you’ll have deduced that Cuff devices come with an app, which will soon be available.

Learn more about Cuff, designs, pricing, and maybe even pre-order some here.

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