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We all have that love-hate relationship with the lightning cable. We love it because we can’t live without it, but we hate it because it can be unreliable sometimes. Frayed cords, charging problems, or syncing issues – those are only a few things that can irritate an Apple user.

It can be argued, however, that many of these issues arise from buying cheap (read: knock-off) lightning cables. Some people those cheap ones using the rationale that Apple’s own cable gets frayed easily anyway. But it didn’t take long to realize that it’s the inside that counts. Even if the cord isn’t frayed, cheap lightning cables still usually die so much faster and no amount of adjusting, plugging and unplugging, and wiggling can make them work again.

Bottom line: it’s better to spend more money on an MFi lightning cable.

If you need to replace your cable or you just want an extra in case of emergency, choose the best lightning cable for your needs from this list.

Anker Powerline Lightning Cable

This short cable is as basic as it gets, but it does the job – and that’s what you want. Thousands of satisfied customers recommend this cable and that is saying something. Plus, you won’t even have to worry about it breaking too soon, as it offers 18-month warranty so quality is definitely guaranteed there. In case you find the color white too plain, there are other colors to choose from that would best fit your style.

Anker Powerline II Lightning to USB Cable

Anker’s Powerline series of cables are the most reliable, durable Lightning to USB cables in the market today. They’re wrapped with a kevlar sheath beneath the plastic insulation, protecting the fragile copper core from breakage and damage. This extends the life of the cable significantly, marking a major improvement in cable quality. They may cost a little more than standard MFi cables, but they’re truly a cut above the regular ones.

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning Compatible Cable

While the AmazonBasics brand might not be the most impressive product line, the quality of their goods has increased significantly since their launch. AmazonBasics has steadily expanded into even greater product categories, and they’ve gained a reputation for building simple products reliably and selling them for lower prices. In most cases, the AmazonBasics product represents a good entry-level choice, and it’s no different from MFi products. It’s certainly a great choice if you’re looking for a lightning cable that’ll last for a long time.

iXCC 10 Foot Lightning to USB Cable

iXCC makes sturdy, reliable cables. Their Lightning cables are roughly on par with Apple’s stock cables and they have a similar material design. Plug design is angular and glossy, providing a firm click on both ends of the cable. The extra-long 10-foot cable is an especially welcome accessory for iPhone users that are typically tethered to a wall. This way, you can add more space between you and the electric socket in case it’s situated too far from your desk or bed.

Anker 6-Foot Premium Nylon Lightning Cable (Two-Pack)

Another lightning cable worth checking out if you’re looking for long ones is the Anker 6-Foot Premium Nylon Lightning Cable. Not only does it compensate for the distance, but it also is made from premium nylon braided to cover the actual wires inside the cable. Durability definitely won’t be an issue with this one. Moreover, it can charge as fast as the Apple lightning cables so you’ll get superior performance from these.

Syncwire iPhone Lightning Charger Cable

The Syncwire iPhone Lightning Charge Cable is one of your best bets when it comes to quality. The cable itself contains highly durable aramid fiber core coated with amazing-quality plastic cloth jacket. It’s tested to withstand over 12,000 bends in its lifetime. Hate how the Apple lightning cables always get tangled up inside your pocket? This one from Syncwire is designed to be tangle-free so it’s easy to use and store. It also utilizes anodized connectors, which allows for heavy usage.

Cabepow 10-feet Lightning Cable

Want a lightning cable that can sync and charge at lightning speed? This one from Cabepow is certainly a good contender. Not only does it offer length, but it also sports multi-strand premium copper core wires. This allows for fast data transfer and charging simultaneously. It can also withstand more than 10,000 bends and so it won’t break or fray that easily. Furthermore, it features a tangle-free design so you won’t have to fumble with it every time you want to use it.

Nomad Lightning Cable USB-C

If you’re looking for a cable that’s rugged and looks a little rough around the edges, the Nomad Lightning Cable USB-C is a good choice. It can power up your Apple devices as fast as possible while providing the length you need to reach that hard-to-reach electric socket. Similar to the Anker cables, this one from Nomad is also designed with kevlar so durability won’t be an issue. Plus, it sports the newer USB-C so you’re not behind in technology.

Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable

Got more than one device and not all Apple? That might mean that you carry around a different kind of charging cable aside from the lightning cable. Why not get a charging cable that has three different connectors incorporated? Good thing that Anker has produced a product just like that for convenience. This cable has USB-A and micro-USB ends accompanied by USB-C and lightning adapters. That way, you won’t have to bring more than one cable with you when you’re on the go. This is convenience at its finest.

Monoprice Luxe Series Lightning Charge & Sync Cable

Monoprice is known to produce good-quality charging cables and the Luxe series is the one to beat. Apart from amazing quality, the brand also offers lifetime warranty so you’re all set once you get one. What makes this lightning cable unique is that it features an LED status light. This feature lets users know the charging status of their iPhone, similar to the MacBook charger. Now, you won’t have to open your iPhone to find out if it’s still charging or already full.

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