9 of the Best iPhone X Protective Cases on the Market

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Are you thinking about getting an iPhone X case?

Who wouldn’t? The iPhone X dominates the market nowadays.

In fact, 40% of the 2.71 billion smartphone users own some kind of iPhone and the iPhone X is the go-to model now.

Apple is also a big part of the lives of some people. It changed the lives of media producers and the leisure time of some users. You can imagine that when Apple introduced the iPhone X, many people bought their own unit as soon as they could.

Sensible users bought a case for their iPhones right after they bought it, while some left it bare.

Should you get a case for your iPhone? Does it need one?

If you want it to last longer, then you should read what’s below to find out which is the best iPhone case for you.

1. Apple iPhone X Silicone Gel Case

To start off, let’s go plain and talk about the default iPhone X silicone case. This is the most common type of smartphone case around nowadays. This is due to the fact that they’re easy to mass produce because silicone is a cheap material.

Because of its abundance and ability to mass produce, these cases can come in a variety of colors. Though they often only make plain single colors for each case. So, if you prefer a neutral and simple design, this is the perfect case for you.

The only downside is that silicone is a rather soft material. This means that while it may help prevent any damage from small bumps and falls if someone knocks you’re iPhone off of the kitchen table, its safety is not guaranteed.

2. Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case

An upgrade from the standard silicone case, the Olixar brand ultra-thin gel case is one of the best thin cases to date. This case is also made from silicone, but it provides better protection then the standard silicone case does. This means your iPhone can survive falls from more than 2 feet without any major damage.

It does its job while maintaining the flexibility that silicone cases provide. This means that it adds no extra bulk to your iPhone when you pocket it. The specific design also prevents anything like air bubbles from forming inside, which generates moisture.

The Olixar gel case is also non-stick. This will help you avoid disasters that come from drops from wet surfaces like countertops and tables.

This particular case model is also transparent. So, for those who like how the backs of their iPhone look, you may want to consider Olixar.

Buying an Olixar thin case also comes with a 2-year warranty. This ensures that you get the best quality of Olixar gel case when you buy one.

3. Tozo Ultra-Thin Hard Case

Claiming itself to be the thinnest phone case in the world, Tozo delivers in both that and providing protection. Despite only being 0.35mm, Tozo’s ultra-thin case does its job well. It protects your phone from all manners of scrapes and scratches that may befall it.

Being thin also means that it doesn’t bulk up your pockets. This makes it a great choice for someone who likes to keep their iPhones in their pockets during travels. It also means that finding an iPhone holder won’t be much trouble as most of them are only big enough for caseless iPhones.

They also manufactured it to be the perfect thin case for the iPhone X model. The camera hole fits right where your iPhone’s camera is. Your speakers can also be as clear as they should be because of how they place the speaker ducts.

4. Lohasic iPhone X Leather Case

The LOHASIC leather case brings some luxury to your iPhone. LOHASIC uses premium leather to coat its cases. So, when the iPhone X came out, their subscribers waited for them to release a case for that too.

The LOHASIC iPhone case has a soft leather exterior which gives your iPhone X a unique feel when touched. LOHASIC does this without interfering with the user’s convenience. They have cut-outs on each of the access ports that the iPhone X has.

Don’t expect them to cheap out from this, because each cut-out is also coated with premium leather. Even the different buttons that the iPhone X has become coated with their leather. The home and power button, volume control, and lock button have leather to cover them, while the camera, flash, and microphone have an electroplated gold frame.

The leather they make is also water-resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about it becoming ruined if any liquid touches it.

5. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

If you ever wonder “Do I need a case for my iPhone?” and answer no, you may still want this case. Mujjo offers you a unique iPhone case that also doubles as a leather wallet. This encases your iPhone in full leather, giving it consider protection.

It’s called a wallet phone case because of the integrated card holder it has at the back. This card holder can hold up to 3 cards with ease. No need to worry about them falling because Mujjo’s holder is deep enough to secure the cards inside.

Because it’s made of leather, Mujjo’s case also keeps the bulk down to a minimum. Despite that, Mujjo still manages to provide a raised bezel. This will help keep your screen intact even after a fall.

6. iPhone X Battery Case

The iPhone X battery case provides you with a multi-purpose case. For one, it protects your iPhone from internal and external damages. It does this with the help of its mixed casing.

On the outside, this battery case has a shell casing made of hard material thick enough to protect against drops. On the inside though, the case has a soft silicone lining. So, even if you drop it from a great height, as long as the case is safe, you can be sure that your iPhone is also safe inside.

It’s called a battery case because the case can triple your iPhone X’s battery life. The lithium polymer battery can extend your battery life by up to 220%. No need to worry about charging compatibilities too.

This supports all the cables that iPhone X has. It also supports many of its features like colored lighting and wireless charging.

7. JETech Protective Case

Do you consider yourself a cinephile? If so, then you may find yourself on your iPhone X trying to watch movies. The problem is that you end up holding up your iPhone for the entirety of the movie to get a good view.

If you find this inconvenient and troublesome, then JETech has the solution for you. This phone case has a metal kickstand you can use to hold your phone up. Don’t worry about it coming loose and snapping off, it has a small magnet to help it stick to the back of the case.

That’s not the only thing JETech’s protective case gives you. It also provides incredible protection for your iPhone. It has a carbon fiber case that stands strong against any damage it gets.

JETech also provides you with a lifetime warranty. So, if anything should go wrong, you can always count on them to help you out.

8. Under Armor Handle-It Case

Running with your iPhone tends to be a bad idea, case or no case. Going for a run means risking your iPhone slipping out of your hand or falling out your pocket. With Under Armor’s Case though, you don’t need to worry about those anymore.

Under Armor’s Handle-It case gives your phone protection against the damages it may get from a run. It also has a padded interior, giving it even more protection should anything happen to your iPhone. That’s not what makes it a great case for people who like jogging, though.

What makes it amazing for athletic users is the elastic band it has at the back. You can slip your hand underneath to make sure you have a strong grip on our iPhone. So, you don’t need to worry about letting it go while running.

It also features a design that lets you access anything without taking the case off. This makes it better for people who are always on the go.

9. HitCase Crio

HitCase has had a great history with iPhones in the past. They’ve made an amazing iPhone case for iPhone 8 before and it was a hit with users. As you can imagine, people were eager for them to make one for the iPhone X after its release.

Their latest case, HitCase Crio, is that case. Like iPhone X, they’ve redesigned and remastered the previous case to become its perfect case. One such upgrade is the screen shield that comes with their case.

This is a detachable add-on that makes your iPhone both airproof and waterproof. This means that you don’t need to fear any damage from falls or water ever again. It keeps itself in place with magnetic locks, so losing it is not an issue. HitCase has also been a favorite among top Apple review blogs as well.

The case itself is from a tough material. This heavy-duty case protects your iPhone from the harshest of punishments it gets. This makes it so you never need to worry about any sort of external damage for your iPhone X ever again.

It also adds some functional upgrades to your iPhone. For instance, they have add-ons that can enhance your iPhone X’s camera. These lenses lock on to the case and allow you to take even more stunning photos and videos from farther away.

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Find the Best iPhone X Case for You Now

Does iPhone X need a case? If you don’t want your money to go to waste, then yes you do. Use this list to find the best iPhone X case for you today!

Cases can protect your iPhone from external damages, but not against internal ones. Antivirus programs can cover that area for your iPhone.

Don’t stop here. We have other guides for you to check out. Feel free to check out some of the other posts, like this one tackling the importance of getting antivirus software for your phone.

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