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Why Use a Mechanical Keyboard?

One of the most important peripherals for people who use their computers often is the keyboard. It may not seem like much, but the type of keyboard you use is essential in giving you better user experience. There are different kinds and layouts of keyboards but if there’s one thing I can recommend, it would be a mechanical keyboard.

Now, not a lot of people are fans of mechanical keyboards. For one, most mechanical keyboards are loud compared to membrane keyboards. However, you can solve this issue by using linear key switches instead of tactile switches anyway. Another is that mechanical keyboards are usually heavier than the regular ones. Hence, there’s really no portability there.

If you’re tight on the budget, mechanical keyboards may also not be for you. They are much more expensive in comparison to normal keyboards. Plus, mechanical keyboards also come in thick design due to their keys. All these considered, a lot of people still prefer mechanical keyboards over regular ones.

Why? Because despite all of these, there are still advantages to using a mechanical keyboard that outweighs the disadvantages. Here are the benefits of mechanical keyboards that you should also consider:

  1. It offers an ergonomic, amazing typing experience.

The number one reason why people opt for a mechanical keyboard instead of the regular ones is the typing experience. If you spend a lot of time typing on the keyboard, you’d know that there’s a difference. The feel of the keys on your fingertips whenever you press them is distinct if you use a mechanical keyboard. The resistance of each key whenever it is pressed and the speed of which it returns back to its original position makes a world of a difference.

Compared to rubber-dome keys, the keys of a mechanical keyboard respond much faster. This means that you can increase your typing speed when using a mechanical keyboard. In addition, mechanical keyboards are also designed to be ergonomic. This means that it is suitable to be used for long periods of time without straining your hands and wrists. In short, it provides a comfortable typing experience, which is necessary if you type so often.

  1. It features mechanical key switches.

A keyboard passes as mechanical if it features mechanical key switches. This is everything when it comes to mechanical keyboards. Key switches make or break your typing experience. There are two main types of key switches, namely, linear switches and tactile switches. Each type has its own properties and features a different typing experience. It would depend on you which type to get based on your preference.

To put it simply, linear switches feature keys that are smooth and easy to press. They are also much more silent compared to tactile switches. They are best for people who dislike loud typing noises. On the other hand, tactile switches offer keys that provide responsive feedback when pressed. This is why it makes a sound each time you press a key. They are great for people who like the typing sound and feel of a typewriter.

  1. It is built to last.

Unlike most regular keyboards, mechanical keyboards are built to last. Yes, they are quite expensive compared to the regular ones, but you definitely get what you pay for. Some say that each mechanical key can last for up to 60 million presses while a membrane key can only last for 5 to 10 million presses. Can you see the big difference?

While mechanical keyboards are more susceptible to water damage compared to membrane keyboards, you can just as easily replace the keys and you’re good to go. Plus, most mechanical keyboards come with detachable cables that plug into the computer. So if it ever gets broken, you can simply replace the cable and you’ll be fine. You can even opt for a braided cable so it’s more durable and will last much longer.

  1. It comes in different sizes/layouts.

If you have an issue with keyboard sizes, you won’t have to worry about that with mechanical keyboards. They typically come in different sizes or layouts. The size of the keys will, of course, remain the same to preserve the typing experience. However, you can get smaller-sized mechanical keyboards if you want to.

Just note that with smaller keyboards, the layout would be different as some extra keys would be removed. An example of this would be the function keys that are usually found across the top of a regular keyboard. However, if you don’t use them that often anyway, that should be just fine.

  1. It is used by professional gamers.

How do you know that mechanical keyboards are the best? They’re used by professional gamers. Professional gamers require reliability and speed when playing games and they find those two factors in mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are easy and comfortable to use; hence, it comes as no surprise that even professional gamers prefer mechanical keyboards over membrane keyboards.

As you can see, the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard are quite amazing. However, they don’t come cheap. Most mechanical keyboards that offer an array of incredible features come with a hefty price tag. Nonetheless, if you have the budget for a great mechanical keyboard, then go for it. A mechanical keyboard is not for everyone, but if you spend hours on end in front of your computer, a mechanical keyboard is definitely worth the investment.

Featured image by Valerio Errani from Pexels

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