Apple Christmas Trees

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These Apple-themed Christmas trees will get even Android fans into the holiday spirit.

This one keeps it simple and classy with standard red glass balls, but kudos for taking the time to stencil all those ornaments. [Image credit]

Hop in the way-back machine for this blast from the past: a tree festooned in iPods. [Image source]

Another tree from yesteryear, this one is so geeky, it doesn’t even use an actual tree. It’s built entirely out of Mac Mini and Xserve boxes. [Image source]

You may think this one is just about that old iMac base. But don’t overlook the teeny tiny topper. [Image source]

A group of students volunteered to put up their high school’s Christmas tree. So they made a giant Apple logo to serve as a tree topper. [Image credit]

I love these clear ornaments made to look like app icons. [Image credit]

Here are those same icon ornaments on an even smaller tree. And redder. [Image credit]

iPod trees are so ten years ago. Meet the successor to the throne: the iPhone tree. (Except unlike the iPods above, these aren’t real iPhones. They’re homemade ornaments.) [Image credit]

The last tree in our gallery comes from an Apple Store. It’s made of giant app icons. [Image credit]

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