4 Best clear cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2022

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Apple has a track record of making fascinating products. Their iPhone 14 Pro Max is durable and in a class by itself—a phone to beat. If you have one, you not only proudly hold it in your hands, but you would also want others to see it. Hence, getting a cover for it is the right way to protect it from dust, grime, and accidental falls that might dent it.

In our list are the top 4 Best clear cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2022. Pick the transparent case that is best for you.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

This brand’s cases are robust, translucent cases made of non-pollutant polycarbonate and acrylic. This phone cover is stylish and a beauty to see. There are diverse colors ranging from gradient black to gradient purple blue. Other captivating colors include gradient purple green and gradient purple red and gradient red-green.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max cases will keep your phone safe even if it accidentally drops because it comes with pads at the edges. It is featherweight yet rugged and won’t easily slip off your hands because of its anti-slip property. Also, the lifted edges protect the camera and the screen from scratching.

This iPhone cover has an average of 5000+ orders daily. Buy it here.

Pros and cons

  • Clear case,
  • Shockproof and drop resistant
  • captivating colors: gradient purple green, gradient purple red, gradient red green.
  • Wireless charging capability
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Anti-yellow
  • Accurate charging port
  • Heavy-duty defense
  • Eco-friendly,
  • Certified as friendly on Amazon.
  • Labelled Amazon’s Choice

The only noteworthy con is that Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro cases are incompatible with MagSafe and they have no screen protector.

Apple Clear iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

This case is transparent. Apple produced it for iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The cover’s advantage is that it is MagSafe compatible. Additionally, there is no fear of buying an iPhone case that won’t match your phone. Also, the finishing is great.

Some pros are:

  • It matches iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Clean design
  • MagSafe compatible

The con of this iPhone cover is that its edges don’t have a protective covering.

i-Blason Ares Case iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

This product is for users who often drop their iPhones. Its maker created the cover to withstand falls. The borders are well-designed but thick helping to secure all parts of the phone. Although it features screen protection, it is large and heavy. Accordingly, this cover makes it difficult to carry around. Apart from the weight, you may consider this product.

Pros and Cons

  • Translucent cover
  • Study case, sustainable
  • Screen protector

One con is the stout cover making it heavy to carry around and use.

ESR Air Armor iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

The ESR case is rugged translucent glass. This case is beautiful with a stylish form. If you need a lasting and sturdy iPhone max cover, you may look the way of the ESR Armor Cover. Also, supposing you like to use your phone in harsh terrain, you can try this phone case with secure edges.

Pros and cons

  • Robust cover
  • Border shield

The disadvantage of the ESR Armor case is that it is large and might be challenging to use and carry around.


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