Lionsgate joins Apple’s Digital Copy for iTunes program

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Indie film house Lionsgate is the second studio to embrace Apple’s ‘Digital Copy for iTunes’ program. Fox was the first, kick starting the program the day it was announced by adding a digital copy of the Family Guy special ‘Blue Harvest’ to the DVD.

Lionsgate will begin the program with the DVD releases of ‘Rambo’ and ‘The Eye’.

The way the program works is simple. You insert your DVD into your Mac or PC and enter a special code into iTunes. After that a copy of your movie is added to your Movies library and is transferable to your iPod, iPhone, or AppleTV. So you can watch the digital copy on your computer, on the go, or on your TV. An iTunes account is required for the process, and you can only transfer the digital copy to one iTunes library.

Have you tried the digital copy program? If so – what did you think about it? So far, I haven’t purchased a DVD with a digital copy available. Also, I have to wonder, if I’m the first guy to transfer a digital copy of the movie from a rental disk – does that mean I get to keep it forever? I’m betting they’ll keep the code hidden in the box or something to prevent that from happening…still, it might be worth a shot.


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6 thoughts on “Lionsgate joins Apple’s Digital Copy for iTunes program

  1. I bought Family Guy presents Blue Harvest on DVD and loaded the digital copy into my iTunes. It worked perfectly, you register it through your iTunes account as though you were getting it from iTunes, but for free, then it copies it from the DVD. Good quality too. And a great movie!

  2. @Patrick

    I have worked in the rental industry – rental stores buy the same DVDs as everyone else.

    If they release two versions, then I’m sure you’re right – if not, however, then the digital copy should be on the DVDs you rent – you just probably won’t have access to the code to unlock them.

  3. With Blue Harvest, the digital copy was on a separate disk, AND you had to have the piece of paper with the access code on it, which was given to an R2 unit and hidden in an escape pod.

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