Is an AppleTV software update just around the corner?

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It seems odd that Apple would release iTunes 8, and add HD TV Shows into the mix without updating the AppleTV to be able to get in on the action. That’s the case, though – at least for right now.

If you own an AppleTV and you’ve tried to purchase one of your favorite television shows in HD, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t. So far Apple hasn’t offered an update to AppleTV to correct this, but if you purchase an HD TV Show in iTunes then stream it to your AppleTV it will play just fine.

So, the question is – will Apple be releasing a software update to the AppleTV soon – or will they hold out until newer models are released with higher storage capacities. I have one of the first units released, so its 40GB hard drive is certainly not ideal for downloading HD TV shows on. Currently I couldn’t download the first 3 seasons of “The Office” on the device because it wouldn’t be able to hold them. Forget downloading any other shows.

This problem could be easily solved, however, if Apple would simply activate the USB port on the device and let us add extra storage. Could we see that in the next update of the AppleTV?

Stranger things have happened. What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Is an AppleTV software update just around the corner?

  1. I so wish this would come true…! It’s about time the finally release the full potential of the ATV, that has been crippled ever from the start…!!

  2. I’m sure Apple will allow us Apple TV users to purchase HD TV shows on the device but I doubt they would ever open up the USB port for external hard drives. I also doubt that Apple is planning on coming out with a new Apple TV, the current one isn’t selling as well as they probably would have hoped but there isn’t much they could do to the hardware to change that (aside from adding a DVD or Blu-ray drive, and since they’ve already moved away from physical media with the MacBook Air, I doubt they would add that). It’s more likely that Apple would just continue to develop the Apple TV and add features in software all the while lower the cost to manufacture the device, ultimately lower the price to a point where the majority of consumers would have to think a little more seriously about purchasing one.

  3. @ Michael

    You’re wrong about AppleTV I think. They could and probably will add an optical drive, and they could and *possibly* will add DVR capabilities as well. what this author doesn’t tell you is that there are some fairly stong rumours lately about Apple doing a major redesign of the hardware. It also means the whole issue of whether the USB port is “enabled” moot.

  4. I would like the apple TV to wirelessly share the screen of my computer – so I could use my big screen as a computer screen and surf, watch movies, get email, etc. They already do screen sharing to another computer, so why not to the apple TV with a bluetooth keyboard???

  5. Why would you think that they would not allow a external drive via USB. It’s not a security issue as the file is the same as what’s downloaded to your Mac (PC).

  6. i foresee a 40″ cinema display with a built in appletv/imac shipping with the bluetooth keyboard/mouse currently available, wireless integration with your internet connection and ipod/iphone/mobile me.

    basically an imac but meant for the lounge room, available in white or black or silver, loaded with 10.6, and the ability to change harddrives a la macbook or perhaps extra hdd bays in the back.

    built in webcam that can also be utilised by xbox360 or ps3 or wii (obviously through some longshot licensing agreement..

    perhaps a tablet sized touchscreen remote interface rather than the keyboard as it would make no sense to make a 40″ touchscreen for your lounge!

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