DVD John ‘frees’ iTunes DRM…or does he?

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TUAW reports that DVD John has “broken free” of iTunes DRM using an “unusual analog hole”…but after hearing what it is, it doesn’t sound that unusual at all. The software plays back iTunes DRMed tracks in fast forward then records them.

That’s all well and good, but its no different than burning your iTunes music to a CD then ripping that CD back onto your computer. I suppose if the software automatically renames the files for you that might be worth something, but you are going to suffer from a 5% quality loss using any kind of re-encoding method…so I don’t think this really solves the problem at all.

Also, its currently Windows only, but a Mac version is promised soon – including an iPhone app of some kind. You can check it out at Double Twist if you want.

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  1. Does that trick of importing the songs in (i think) iMovie then exporting them still work? I used that on the 4 songs I bought from iTunes a few years back.

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