RUMOR: New iPod on Tuesday? – They’re kidding, right?

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So when’s the last time you went to Think Secret? I haven’t been there in a while, but today they’re back in the spotlight for the following “rumor”…

The information, which comes from an unproven source, suggests that Apple will show off the new iPod tomorrow but will hold off on shipping the device until later in June when the iPhone ships.

Can anyone tell me why this would make ANY business sense at all?

iPhone sales are going to be limited from the start…why? Because of the 2 year contract that comes with them. Some people refuse to use At&t…others simply don’t have good coverage in the areas they may live, or are unwilling to pay the fees related to canceling their current contract with the provider they have now.

Also, the price is steep. I don’t think it’s TOO steep, but it is an investment. So why on earth would Apple release a widescreen iPod at the same time as the iPhone? A widescreen iPod would hurt iPhone sales…not to mention the fact that the much larger storage capacity of an iPod would make the iPhone’s 4 to 8 gigs seem kind of like a joke.

A widescreen iPod would devalue the iPhone. Apple is not a company that makes decisions like this. A new widescreen iPod being announced tomorrow – to NO press mind you, because there have been no invitations to an event of any kind given out – would be the bone head move of the year for Apple.

It simply will not happen.

At least, that’s my opinion on it. What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “RUMOR: New iPod on Tuesday? – They’re kidding, right?

  1. I Hope they are kidding, and I agree, it doesn’t make sense with the iPod coming in *hopefully* 1 month. I just bought my first iPod, well it is a Product Red nano, yesterday; so I hope they are kidding.

  2. I wrote an article about the new video iPod about 6 weeks ago.

    Did the iPhone kill the video iPod

    I think it is completely possible Apple may announce the new iPod tomorrow, if Apple is making the assumption that the iPod and the iPhone market are completely separate. I am sure they have done far more research than you or I, and it is possible they came to the conclusion that potential purchasers of the iPhone aren’t in the market for an iPod, but a phone, and the iPhone appeals to them.

    I am pretty sure when the iPhone was announced, every figured out what the next iPod was going to look like. Competitors have had 5 months to try and beat it. I just don’t think Apple wants to wait any longer.

  3. On the bring side Michael, it’d give you something to talk about 😉

    Weren’t we supposed to hear something Zune-related from Redmond today?

  4. Raging person opinion: No. It’s too early. Apple doesn’t want anything to get in the way of those customers who are willing to pay them $500-600 for a widescreen iPod (that happens to come with a phone and WiFi.) Also, Apple will hold off for QC reasons. Better to have a few displeased iPhone customers who need updates than bunches of iPod/iPhone customers who need updates. Remember that this who iPhone OS X thing is a 1.0 product. There will be teething problems. Best to get them out of the way with the smaller audience.

    Apple will release an updated iPod this fall in time for Christmas. It will be an iPhone sans phone (and, possibly, sans WiFi), but a tad smaller than the iPhone. I’d be willing to bet that the low-end will hop back up to $299. No updates to the iPod nano for the forseeable future…

  5. @Peter –

    Agreed. I think that’s exactly what the plan is. The holiday season is the perfect time to announce the widescreen iPod.

  6. > I am sure they have done far more research than you or I

    Easy enough in my case. ;^> Seems to me that Apple typically surveyts exactly one particular user for its plans; they’re already at 100% of plan.

    But much as Apple wants to continue the iPod branding value, it seems the minority part of the iPhone’s voice/web/music value equation. And those of us who just want a place to store our copious podcasts, hundreds of albums and a couple of videos? The iPhone just isn’t gonna do it.

    I really think these are very separate markets, just as the iPod Shuffle is quite different from the 30GB class machines where Zune and other hard-disk players “compete.”

  7. As with the others holiday 07 is the perfect time for a new iPod. Let the iPhone sales go as high as they can throughout the summer/fall. Everyone who wants the new iPod interface on the iPhone and literally can’t wait, will get the iPhone.

    I think its safe to say there won’t be a new iPod tomorrow.

  8. I would love to see the new iPod cooming ASAP! I know that for me as an european iPhone won’t be available another 6 months. I also don’t think iPhone will replace iPod any soon. I need at list 30 gigs of storage for my portable player (and I’m not the only one)… and there’s millions of people who just want to pay 200$ (or less) for players and not 600$ for a hardcore device.
    new multi-toush video iPod tomorow would be GREAT. But as mention in article, it’s probably not gonna happen :).

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