Take a Look at the Apple Bluetooth Headset for iPhone


If you’re wondering just how the Apple Bluetooth Headset will size up to the iPhone, a Flickr user has some unboxing pics of the hard to find device.

I’ve never been one for Bluetooth headsets, but I do like the slim nature of this one. They all look too bulky and Borg-like. This one looks much thinner…and Borg-like.

I don’t particularly want to become one of the Cybermen (see, I threw them both in there to be fair to Trekkies and Whovians), so I don’t intend to walk around with something like this sticking out of my ear, but if I did…it’d probably this one.



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  1. They should be limited to use while driving… I hate it when people go everywhere with them on, like their some kind of fashion accessory.