T-Mobile Germany offers iPhone without Contract…for $1,500


Well, the situation in Germany is getting more interesting by the day. To comply with the court injunction, T-Mobile is offering the iPhone without a contract and all it will cost Germany consumers is 999 euros (that’s $1,477).

SO – who’s ready to get out there and drop that kinda money for an iPhone.



Yeah, I didn’t think so.



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  1. It’s amazing that any kind of capatilism succeeds in Europe (Germany, France, et al) considering their over burdonsome laws and regulations.

    It puts into perspective how good we have it in the United States.

  2. ern… you can’t really think they made it that expensive to make profit? it costs what it costs so noone buys one unlocked. they’re making it available like this only to comply with the court injunction.

  3. erntheburn, you can’t be serious… Are you joking??
    There are new EU wide initiatives, that will regulate, that all users MUST be free to switch operators, be free from tying contracts, roam across EU with low fares and so on! Do you think that is somehow bad???
    And – sorry – as much as I love Apple – iPhone is such a crap! From the un-replaceable battery, to the lack of video calls and 3G. I understand it’s not important for US, because for the most part you don’t have 3G. But there is 3G across all of Europe, even the Eastern European countries have wide spread 3rd generation mobile services.

  4. ernetheburn ur such an idiot, america offers no choice Europe does but for some reason you cant see that…….:.again your an idiot!