O2 ad new “Bolt Ons” to iPhone Plans

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MacNN reports that in addition to recently updated iPhone plans, UK carrier 02 has also unveiled a series of “Bolt On” packages meant to address the limitations of the default voice and SMS packages that just don’t get the job done for some UK iPhone users.

Each of the main “Bolt On” add-ons costs £7.50, and offers a choice of unlimited O2-to-O2 calls, weekend calls, or fixed-line calls. In addition customers can add on 200 addition minutes or unlimited txting if they choose. The term “unlimited” really isn’t terribly accurate, however, as 02, like many carriers, have limits on “excessive use” even to unlimited subscribers.

Another huge issue in Europe are the horribly expensive roaming charges. O2 has addressed this as well by adding a £10 per month program where users can receive calls throughout Europe for free, and they can make calls for 25p per minute for the first 1,000 minutes. For some reason Spain is considered separate in this deal, and cost an additional £5 a month.

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  1. As to why Spain is considered separate, O2 is owned by Spanish telecom Telephonica. Also, I believe a lot of Britons like to spend their holiday in Spain…

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