Social Experiment: iPhone 6s Left Unattended, What Did People Do?

iPhone 6s social experiment

Here’s a quick one.

Let’s assume you want an iPhone 6s (who wouldn’t, especially if it’s for free?). You go to the park. Sit on a bench. A guy comes along talking on his iPhone 6s. Suddenly he seems to freak out or get distracted, leaves his iPhone 6s left unattended.

What would you?

That’s not a rhetorical question.

In fact, for people who became subjects of a social experiment wherein an iPhone 6s left unattended was up for grabs, the question was as real as day.

Knowing what you know about humanity, considering your outlook in life, what do you think these people did?

Watch the video documenting this iPhone 6s social experiment and find out.

Were you surprised at the reactions or not?

Here’s an iPhone that may be too tempting for some to return: Luxury iPhone 6s

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