Cisco Extends Apple Another Extension on iPhone Resolution

iphonereleasedatecountdown_20070110110016.jpgIn what seems like a desperation move (to me, anyway) Cisco has extended their deadline to resolve their lawsuit with Apple over the iPhone trademark again according to MaCNN.

Cisco claim to the trademark has already been called into serious question, and this latest extenion seems to further doubts about their chances of success in this case. Cisco desperately wants to settle this out of court with Apple (if they didn’t why would they keep doing this?), and so far, it seems like Apple has the upper hand.

Now I’ve said on more than one occation that I don’t think the name “iPhone” is worth fighting over, and I can’t wait for this to stop being news, but as these deadlines set by Cisco keep coming and going, it looks more and more like we’re going to see a court case over this one.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. I think Apple will drag this out getting all the free publicity until when they will announce… the Phone… 😛