2007 iPhone Launch Reimagined

Remember this? (I suppose that’s a silly question…)

An explainer marketing agency experienced some extra creative moments, probably inspired by the birthday of Steve Jobs, and reimagined the 2007 iPhone launched. In many ways, it is totally different from the original, but in perhaps just as many ways, it retains the essence of that momentous occasion.

I don’t know about you, but considering just how much I have been relying on my iPhone for the past several years, I think that that day in 2007 was truly a life-changing one.

And this reimagined video is a fitting tribute to that 2007 iPhone launch. Kudos to Easy Explain Video.

What are your thoughts on the 2007 iPhone launch reimagined video? How has the iPhone changed your life? Share them in the comments!

Apple Gazette Team
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