iPad In The House (House Of Representatives)

The iPad is Apple’s hottest selling gadget and has appeared on The Colbert Report to a misspelling in Paris Hilton’s Tweet. The latest appearance comes to us via C-Span: The House Of Representatives.

A post on Politico says Democratic Henry Cuellar is fond of his iPad.

“I’m always looking for the newest technology out there and I’ve done that for many, many years. The iPad is just one of those fabulous pieces of equipment that’s available out there. First thing I do in the morning is get my cup of coffee and start reading the papers. … And at night, before I go to bed, I check my last e-mails and check to see if there’s any new stories online.”

What else does Cuellar use his iPad for? To check up on congress and use the tablet as a teleprompter.

Via: Mac Stories

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