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I’ve always admired ColorWare products from afar. They’ve got a pretty basic premise: send in your stuff, be it an iPhone, iPhone dock, or even an HDTV, paint it, then send it back to you. But really, calling it paint is oversimplifying the process. I’ll let them explain it:

After a year of testing and experimenting, the ColorWare high-gloss, scratch-resistant polymer-based coating was perfected. ColorWare’s initial offerings included 22 standard colors available on two mp3 players, three gaming consoles, and four computers, and many new products as well as additional colors have been added in recent years.

So of course, when Apple’s latest offering came out, they decided to build one themselves. So now, you can buy an iPad in any variety of colors and even with a logo, and have the only custom-colored iPad on the block. There are a few different options: you can send in your own, or buy one from ColorWare direct. Either way it’ll set you back $900 to start and about 3 weeks for the process and shipping.

Now admittedly, that’s a lot of money. But if you want to be unique, well then you’ve got to pay the price.

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