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Everyone Should Have a Unicorn iPad Mini Case

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Are you also a fan of unicorns? There’s something about this mythical creature that attracts the likes of children and adults alike. They’re synonymous with magic and adorable to boot. If you or your child loves unicorns and has an iPad Mini, why not get a case to display your adoring affection for unicorns? Choose the most magical unicorn iPad Mini case below.

Dteck Pink Unicorn Stand Folio

unicorn ipad mini case

Designed for Apple iPad Mini 5, this adorable pink case shows a smiling unicorn on the front and back. Inside the case, you can also store some cards, which makes it more convenient for you to carry around. It’s a folio-type case so you can adjust the viewing angles when watching videos.  

KEROM Cute Unicorn Smart Cover

unicorn ipad mini case

If you’re looking for something a little more sparkly and magical, this case is the right fit for you. It’s cute and also offers multiple viewing angles for your movie-watching pleasure. Even better, your iPad Mini will be protected from all around so you won’t have to worry about scratches and bumps. 

BRAECN Light Rainbow Rugged Case

Unicorns represent rainbow colors. It’s actually one of the things that most people like about it – the colors of life that it brings to the world. If you want this presented on your case and not the actual image of a unicorn, this rugged case is for you. Yes, despite its cutesy appearance, this case is certainly heavy-duty and can withstand harsh environments – perfect for your iPad Mini protection. 

Logee Pink Unicorn Case

On the other hand, if you want an in-your-face unicorn case for your iPad Mini, you can opt for this Logee Pink Unicorn Case. Unlike the other cases, this one isn’t the folio kind and only offers protection from the back and sides of your device. Nonetheless, it still provides ample protection for your iPad Mini. You can see that the back also takes the shape of the unicorn’s pointy horn and ears. 

Dteck Unicorn Fairy Case

You’ll probably find most unicorn cases in the shade of pink. If you want a cooler shade, the Dteck Unicorn Fairy Case might be more up your alley. Its front and back design depicts a smiling baby unicorn that looks eager to explore. This package comes with a Dteck stylus pen, too. It’s a one-piece case that can protect your iPad Mini all around. 

MonsDirect Leather Heart Pony Case

Another unicorn case in a cooler shade is this one from MonsDirect. Below the smiling unicorn drawing is the phrase “Believe in Unicorns.” Isn’t that just beautiful? This cover encourages people to believe in whimsy. It also features card slots and anti-slip stripes for better viewing angles. The exterior is made of synthetic leather material so it’s smooth to the touch. 

Hepix Pink Unicorn Case

Are you also a donut addict? The Hepix Pink Unicorn Case combines your love for unicorns and the round sweet donut treats. Its front design depicts a unicorn having a bite of a donut. Thanks to the quality of the ink used to make this case, this design will never rub off. Talk about excellent quality, right? This case is ultra-lightweight too, so it won’t be too heavy to carry around with you. 

Logee Unicorn Case

Want multiple tiny unicorns in one case? This Logee Unicorn Case shows baby unicorns with pink and blue hair and horns. They’re surrounded by stars and clouds and are incredibly cute. Don’t worry, while these are only printed, they won’t fade away thanks to the ink technology used to make this. 

Dteck Pink Unicorn Smart Cover

This multi-colored unicorn case from Dteck looks beautifully simple and elegantly hand-drawn. The exterior is made from premium PU leather while the interior is soft to the touch. It’s also lightweight and can protect your iPad Mini from all sides. This case also features a built-in loop where you can store your Apple Pencil when you’re out and about. 

FUNUT Unicorn Case

The FUNUT Unicorn Case is a pink iPad Mini cover that depicts a unicorn with fashionable, colorful hair. It’s surrounded by stars and clouds, which add to that whimsical feel. With this cover, your device is protected from all around. It also features card pockets as well as a pen holder. Similar to most folio cases, this one also offers multiple viewing angles for your pleasure. 

Dteck Panda Unicorn Case

panda unicorn ipad mini case

Panda AND unicorn? Say no more. You have got to fall in love with this case.

Claire’s Rainbow Unicorn Case

This Claire’s Rainbow Unicorn Case is highly similar to the Logee Pink Unicorn Case. It has a bold, upfront unicorn design that’s also 3D. This case is made of soft silicone so even kids can use it without the risk of scratching themselves. The eyelashes of the unicorn in this case are stone-studded, which just adds to that pretty look. 

Case Formula Cute Unicorn Case

If you want something that looks a little more simple, this case might just be the one for you. First, it has a white background so it won’t catch people’s attention. The unicorn design is also simple but still pretty cute. The cover is made of polycarbonate so durability won’t be an issue for sure. 

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