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The Best iPad Covers for Kids in 2021

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A lot of parents these days take advantage of technology and use their gadgets to help their kids learn. More and more children are growing up learning off of YouTube through their TVs or iPads. However, not all children have the dexterity to properly handle devices. If you’re worried that your kid might accidentally drop and damage their or your iPad, one way to prevent any damages is to get a good and effective iPad cover. You can shop for iPad covers with coupon codes from Lazada or on Amazon. Here are some of the best iPad covers for kids in 2021.

GumDrop Hideaway Case

For an all-around great iPad cover for kids, the GumDrop Hideaway Case is a perfect choice. It offers amazing protection features and also comes with a built-in stand. There’s a version for different iPad models so you’re safe with choosing this series. The internal frame of this case is designed to be rigid and protects all port covers as well as the screen. This protects your iPad from damage even if it’s dropped multiple times.

In addition, this iPad case absorbs impact really well and is shockproof. It’s been tested to withstand several 6-foot falls on concrete and tiles, thanks to its heavy-duty tread design. This case also comes with an integrated screen shield, which helps to protect your screen from scratches and even water spills. It’s can also be easily cleaned just from wiping, in case your children’s hands are dirty while using it.

Azzsy iPad 10.2 High Impact Protective Case

If you’re specifically looking for a case for your iPad 10.2, the Azzsy iPad 10.2 High Impact Protective Case is a good option. For one, it’s easy to install and also comes with a built-in kickstand. This allows for hands-free usage when kids are watching movies or educational videos. It’s also perfect for when they’re doing a certain activity with a video as their instructor or guide.

As for protection, this case features a triple-layer full-body skin that’s made from a combination of TPU material and hard polycarbonate materials, which are known for their durability. The cover is also shock-absorbent, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to accidental drops and falls. Plus, it also protects your iPad from scratches and dust, so your device can remain pristine and beautiful.

BMOUO Kids Case

Another iPad 10.2 case that might interest you is the BMOUO Kids Case. It comes with a built-in screen protector so your iPad display is protected against dirt and possibly drops. The screen protector itself is made of two layers of film that’s designed to be responsive to touch. It’s also water-resistant so there’s no need to worry in case your kid accidentally spills water or any other drink on it.

While this specific one is designed for the 7th generation iPad 10.2, there are other versions for the different iPad models. This cover is designed with precise opening holes so your iPad can fit snugly into it. The BMOUO Kids Case covers your entire iPad so it’s certainly protected from all around.

Ledniceker iPad Mini Kids Case

On the other hand, if you have an iPad Mini, the Ledniceker iPad Mini Kids Case is the way to go. What sets this case apart is that its material is made from non-toxic, tasteless high-grade EVA foam. Hence, this cover is great for toddlers who always have their hands in their mouths. Plus, this case fits all iPad Mini models.

With this case, your iPad Mini is protected from shock caused by drops and bumps. You’re also getting a case for the long run, as this one is durable and can withstand the usual wear and tear. Because it comes with a built-in handle, it’ll be easy for kids to carry this around with them. The cover also comes in several bright colors designed to appeal to toddlers.

i-Blason KIDO Case

Another case worth looking into if you have a toddler is the i-Blason KIDO Case. This cover comes with a carry handle, so kids can conveniently take the iPad with them wherever they go. The handle itself is designed for the size of kids’ hands so it’ll be comfortable for them to grip. The material is also made from silicone so it’ll stay secure in your kids’ grip without slipping out.

This case is made with several layers of TPU material that help protect your iPad from accidental drops. Despite its durability, this cover is guaranteed to be lightweight so toddlers won’t find it too heavy to carry. It’s shockproof too and comes in four bright colors that are designed to attract kids’ attention.

New Tent iPad Case

If you want an iPad case that’ll protect your iPad when your kids are using it but doesn’t look like a kid owns it, then the New Tent iPad Case is the one to beat. It’s made of two layers of PUT material that effectively protects your iPad from bumps and drops. The raised edges of the cover are also for additional protection for your iPad corners and screen. It doesn’t hurt too, that this case consists of its own screen protector.

While it’s designed to withstand these accidents that may be caused by children’s clumsiness, its aesthetic looks like it’s for an adult, too. For one, it’s not bulky and it doesn’t come in bright colors. In fact, this cover comes with a leather hand strap at the back, which kind of adds a touch of classiness without compromising protection.

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