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8 iPad Charging Docks Under $50

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Want to upgrade the way you charge your iPad? Why not get a charging dock to elevate it? Some docks even allow you to still enjoy watching your videos in an upright position (landscape mode) while charging your iPad. That way, you won’t need to prop it against a wall and risk it sliding off. If you’re on the lookout for iPad charging docks under $50, here are some good options to consider.

iPad Charging Docks Under $50

Logitech Base Charging Stand For iPad Pro

iPad Charging Docks Under $50

If you have an iPad Pro and want a dock that’s designed and backed by a reputable brand, check out the Logitech Base Charging Stand For iPad Pro. It features a built-in Apple Smart Connector technology so it’ll be very convenient to use. You can place it on your kitchen counter or work desk so you can still watch videos while charging your device. It’s designed to have an optimized viewing angle so you won’t strain your neck while watching movies. The dock is also made of premium aluminum that looks classy and is sturdy. It comes with anti-slip padding so you won’t have to worry about it sliding off.

Nillkin Wireless iPad Charging Dock

For all types of iPads, you might want to consider getting the Nillkin Wireless iPad Charging Dock. Now this one doesn’t automatically come with a Qi receiver but you can add it on to enable wireless charging. The dock itself supports fast charging but you’ll have to use a QC 3.0 or PD adapter, which you’ll have to add yourself. Still, it can provide 10W charging, which isn’t bad. The position of the charging module can also be adjusted, hence it’s compatible with all types of iPad.

Poweroni USB Charging Station Dock

iPad Charging Docks Under $50

If you have more than one iPad or just multiple devices to charge, why not get the Poweroni USB Charging Station Dock? It can charge up to 7 devices all at once. Plus, it’s designed to keep your desk organized. Now, you can charge several devices all in one place. It also has 6 Smart USB ports, so you get to charge your devices much faster than regular chargers. This dock is also designed to protect your devices against overcharging so you can just leave them there while you get busy with other tasks.

Unitek Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Another charging dock you can check out is the Unitek Charging Station for Multiple Devices. This dock takes it up a notch, as it can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously. It also has QC 3.0 fast chargers so it can juice up your devices real quick. It’s designed with Smart IC and BC1.2 technology, so each port can provide 2.4A power. The dividers of this dock are also adjustable so it won’t matter how thick your device is, especially those with bulky cases. Plus, it’s designed to protect against overcharging, over-voltage, and overheating so you can charge with ease.

KeyEntre Multi Device USB Charging Dock Station

Want one that can also charge your other Apple devices? The KeyEntre Multi Device USB Charging Dock Station can charge not just your iPhone and iPad but also your Apple Watch and AirPods. It’s like an all-in-one charging dock station for your Apple devices. Plus, it features fast Smart charging so you can leave them charging for a shorter amount of time and get them fully charged after. The baffles can also be adjusted and removed so you can optimize how you charge your devices.

Vogek Wireless Charging Dock Station

The Vogek Wireless Charging Dock Station takes it to another level by offering multiple charging ports plus wireless charging. There’s also an Apple Watch stand in there in case you have nowhere to keep your Apple Watch, although this stand doesn’t serve as a charger, too. The wireless charger of this dock station can charge all Qi-enabled devices and offers fast charging. This dock station not only keeps your desk clean and organized, but it also allows your devices to charge much faster and safer thanks to its protection features.

BENTOBEN Universal Charging Dock Station

Are you a girly type of person and want something a little more classy-looking dock station? If so, check out the BENTOBEN Universal Charging Dock Station. It can charge your iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time. Plus, it comes with a chic aesthetic that would look so good on your desk or nightstand. The design features clean lines and looks extremely modern. It doesn’t offer wireless charging for your iPad though, but using a cable with this dock won’t make it look messy anyway.

Audiology Bamboo Charging Station

On the other hand, if you want something that looks a little more muted and grounded, the Audiology Bamboo Charging Station might be the one for you. It features an Apple Watch stand and 4 USB ports for charging multiple devices. The dock station itself is made out of genuine bamboo so it has a nice feel to it. In addition, it features a built-in pen/stylus holder, in case you need it.

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