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10 Best iPad Stands in 2021

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One of the best-selling products of Apple is its iPad series. From the iPad Pro to the iPad mini, each one is designed for your enjoyment and convenience. If you happen to own an iPad, you know that one way of elevating the experience is by having an iPad stand and the right one at that.

Here are the best iPad stands that you can get right now.

Which iPad stand to get?

1. Lamicall iPad Stand

best ipad stands 2020

Made of aluminum, this iPad stand is a sleek complement to your iPad Pro or iPad mini. Aside from being adjustable, it also comes in several colors. You can get it in silver, rose gold, or black – whichever best suits the color of your iPad. In addition, its arm can also rotate up to 270 degrees.

Rubber feet are also placed at the bottom of its base to keep it in place. This way, you won’t have to worry that it’ll slide around. This stand is also designed to ensure the safety of your device against any scratches with the addition of rubber pads.

2. Viozon iPad Stand

best ipad stand

If you want an overall great iPad stand worth your buck, you can check out the Viozon iPad stand. Also made of aluminum, this iPad stand allows you to choose from either portrait mode or landscape mode thanks to its adjustable arm. It also has a weighted base to ensure that it doesn’t overturn with or without the iPad. Due to its flexibility, it features a wide range of viewing angles for your comfort.

3. Moko Tablet Stand

For people always on the go, the Moko Tablet Stand is perfect for you and your iPad. Whether you’re carrying an iPad Pro or an iPad mini, this iPad stand will help you carry it efficiently and conveniently. Aside from being affordable, the Moko Tablet Stand is also foldable.

Albeit made of plastic, this iPad stand is still designed to be sturdy and supportive of any iPad model. It also comes in six different colors to match your iPad. When traveling, you can simply toss it in your bag and be on your way.

4. Twelve South Compass 2

Another travel-friendly iPad stand is the Twelve South Compass 2. One of its main features is its material, which is stainless steel. Compared to other stands, this iPad stand not only offers premium quality, but also great stability. It can also be adjusted into two different positions.

Designed with a protective sleeve, it’s also great to carry around when on the road. Do take note though that this model isn’t compatible with the bigger version of the iPad Pro. Instead, you can opt for the Compass Pro.

5. Twelve South ParcSlope Stand

Speaking of this brand, another iPad stand worth mentioning is the Twelve South ParcSlope Stand for MacBook and iPad. Specifically designed for Macbooks and iPad Pros, this accessory is great for owners who are also designers and illustrators. With its sloped design, this iPad Pro stand allows you to have an ergonomic sketching environment.

This iPad stand also offers great stability against moving and overturning while you’re drawing on it.

6. Tryone Gooseneck Mount Holder and iPad Stand

Have you ever lied down in bed while holding your iPad up and you accidentally drop it on your face? To avoid such injuries in the future, get the Tryone Gooseneck Mount Holder and iPad Stand for your iPad. Thanks to its clamp, you can clip it onto any surface with a thickness of up to 3 inches.

Its arm is made of aluminum, which ensures sturdiness. Nonetheless, it is also designed to be flexible so you can adjust your iPad to suit your comfort. However, it cannot accommodate the bigger version of the iPad Pro, as it’s only compatible with a screen size of up to 10 inches.

7. CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand

For people always in the kitchen, the CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand might just be the perfect iPad stand for you. Compatible with all the models in the iPad series, this stand is ideal to be used in the kitchen. It allows you to watch a Youtube video or follow a recipe with ease.

If convenient, you can also mount this to a cabinet. Moreover, you can rotate the holder up to 360 degrees. This enables you to use it in either portrait mode or landscape mode, depending on your mood.

8. Stump Stand

If you want an iPad stand that simply does its job as a support, the Stump Stand might be the one for you. It offers three viewing positions to choose from. While it may be a bit small compared to other iPad stands, the Stump Stand still offers great stability for your iPad Pro or iPad mini.

It also provides security against sliding thanks to its material. It looks and feels simple – truly an iPad stand designed with a no-frills concept in mind. It’s available in blue, black, green, and red.

9. KABCON iPad Stand

Another great iPad stand worth looking into is the KABCON iPad stand, which may be extra useful for illustrators and designers. Its adjustable, which is just perfect if you’re aiming for an ergonomic environment for sketching. The base is also designed so that it won’t move around or topple over while you’re using your iPad on it.

As you can see, this stand’s legs can fold flat. This is perfect for portability, as you can just slip it inside your bag and you’re ready to go. You can keep it clean and protected too, as it comes with a storage pouch.

10. Ipevo PadPillow Stand

Love using your iPad while lounging on the couch or bed? The Ipevo PadPillow Stand is a unique iPad stand that might interest you. It’s essentially a comfortable pillow that you can cozy up with while also supporting your iPad upright. If you need to, you can unfold it so you can use a wireless keyboard along with your iPad.

This pillow stand can support any iPad model. Plus, it features a storage compartment located on its backside. You can keep notes, papers, and cables in there. It also comes in many colors: salmon, lemongrass, gray, and khaki.

Of course, there are other options for iPad stands out there. However, if you’re looking for the best one to suit your needs, the ones mentioned above would probably already be your best bets. Whichever you choose, make sure you enjoy and make the most out of it.

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