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An Hour (or Two) With The iPad

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I got a text message yesterday from my buddy, Tim.

“When do want to check out the iPad?”

I couldn’t respond fast enough. I had played with the iPad a little bit at the Apple store the day before, but it was definitely on a small scale. I wanted to play with it more without any pressure from someone watching over my shoulder, and in the privacy of my own home. He came by yesterday and we sat down at the dinner table and spent the next two hours going through every aspect of the device.

Tim got his 16GB iPad for his birthday, and he had it covered with an incase Convertible Book Jacket, which looked pretty cool. A little bit Moleskine, a little bit textbook. It’s a positionable case, and it gives you multiple places to prop up the iPad, making typing and viewing pretty easy. After setting it on its lowest position, I started my little experiment.

I began with typing, something which has been chastised for being horrible on the iPad, and tried out the Notes app. I’m not your traditional touch typist, and although I use the home keys, I do most of my typing with my index and middle fingers, plus my left thumb. As a result, typing on the iPad isn’t very difficult. In fact, after very little time on the keyboard, I was pounding out full sentences with ease. I can really see using this for blogging, editing documents and even writing a story on the road. If you had a hard time adjusting to typing on the iPhone, then this isn’t going to work for you. But for me, it was perfect.

Then there’s the screen. I watched part of T2 on Netflix, checked out a few websites, and checked out his photos. The screen is beautiful, there’s no other way to describe it. It’s crisp and sharp, and I have no complaints. Alright, maybe just the lack of HD, although I haven’t confirmed that either.

Overall, the big thing I noticed was attention to detail. In the Notes app, when viewed from the side you notice a stitched leather ring around the perimeter of the app and side panel. The Calendar App has torn off page remnants in the month view. You can see the texture of the leather in the background of Contacts. These little details make the quality of the iPad really stand out. Attention to detail here is amazing.

My time with the iPad seemed like it came to an end too soon, but it helped me cement my decision. I know now that I could use this device every day, doing the things that I need to do to be productive, but without the baggage. It really is an amazing device to hold and touch, and if you haven’t tried one yourself, you really should.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

One thought on “An Hour (or Two) With The iPad

  1. it’s beyond words to describe the experience with the iPad…

    I fu**ing LOVE IT…

    I got the dock yesterday and I have the iPad positioned next to my bed on the bedside table with my macbook pro on a pedestal and a mimo usb 7″ monitor also on the bedside table (with ichat and transmission on the screen)

    back to the iPad…I was amazed that I could watch tv…read RSS feeds on the MBP…and play games on the iPad in portrait mode…all at the same time

    and today I got out my aluminum wireless apple keyboard…turned it on and went to settings on the iPad and in seconds they were paired and I was using the keyboard to answer emails on the iPad and the keyboard function keys work for brightness, play, FF & RW, and the volume keys…and if the screen is locked…just a touch of a key turns it back on…just like that…

    I can not wait to see what APPLE has in store for us with iPhone OS 4 because it can only go up from here

    and for those people that are complaining about the 2X graphics of iPhone apps on the iPad are just being little babies…because yes there are a few times where the graphics are less than stellar but that has everything to do with the quality of the apps graphics…not the iPad…because I have played many games that were iPhone only and I think it’s amazing that they were able to expand the apps to the large screen and make all the purchases that we have already made usable

    and I have had not ONE WIFI problem thus far…I think it has to do with the substandard wireless routers that people are so quick to buy that are cheap…I have a 4 year old Airport Extreme that is the main base station for my home…and on this network I have 2 Apple TV’s, 3 Airport Express (Airtunes), 2 Airport Express (TiVo hard wired), 3 Macs, my iPhone, and my iPad…now that’s networking honey…and I have full bars on the iPad all the time…and no problems…I think people need to stop being cheap when it comes to the wireless router they buy…because NOBODY does tech goodies better than Apple…high quality, great looks and amazing performance for years and years to come

    so go get an Airport Extreme and cough up the $179 to buy it and you will not regret it…hell I have the old Airport that doesn’t have the dual antennas and I still rock out…think about it people…your network is only as good as it’s first connection…and if that sucks the rest is all down hill…

    now I will get off my soapbox…and say

    the iPad is unreal, amazing, exciting, magical, and so much more that words can’t even say

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