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Like millions of you out there, I went ahead and downloaded iOS 4.1 today for my iPhone, an I was pretty happy with the results. No dropped call issues yet, GameCenter is kinda neat, and I like the HDR stuff. But then I went off to read something on my iPad, and the difference was shocking. This seems very un-Apple like. What’s the plan here?

Yes, we know that 4.2 is going to be the big upgrade that brings the iOS line together, and we know that it’s coming in November. We also can take an educated guess that the new iPad is coming out this January, at least if it’s going to follow the usual Apple protocol of putting out the same new device around the same time of year. Summer is iPhone, Back to School iPods, and now, the iPad in January. At least that’s the theory.

But if 4.2 is going to go out in the wild in November, and 4.0 was introduced back in June, isn’t that a long time to catch up? I know the iPhone is the big breadwinner right now, but the iPad has got to be catching up. With everyone else producing iPad killers, I just assumed that Apple would be putting their best foot forward. I figured that 4.1 would unify the lineup, and it would be announced at the September event. Instead, now the iPhone has had two major upgrades in three months and the iPad just sits there, lonely.

Unified mail on the iPad is a game changer. Printing, same deal. Multitasking? KILLER. And now AirPlay? C’mon. 4.2 on the iPad would crush if it was out there right now, so why wait? The only thing I can see is a technical issue, which it most likely is. But still, seems a bit odd to wait this long. At this point, it’ll be two months before the new iPads come out with front-facing cameras and FaceTime, so it almost seems like a way to placate the masses who stick with the first gen models.

Speaking of, the iPad is not the iPhone. I don’t see people lining up to buy new ones in January if they already own one. OK, I do technically see people doing that, but I know I’m not going to buy a new one unless it’s got some crazy feature we haven’t considered yet, and even then, it’s iffy.

But back to the point: Can I have my 4.2 now please? I’ll even take 4.0 if you’ve got it.

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