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I’m a little bit OCD. I like things organized in their proper place, and I like things under a certain structure. Nice and tidy is the way for me.

Shortly after I got my iPhone, I dove into iOS 4 and started organizing. I’ve been excited about the Folders feature ever since it was introduced, because now I could whittle down the 11 pages of apps on my iPhone to a more respectable number. And for a few hours yesterday, that’s exactly what I did. I’m down to four pages of apps now, and if I really wanted to, I could get down to 3.

This does come down to how you organize your folders, however. I always wanted my home screen to have certain features, but I was constantly rotating things around to accomodate what apps I used more. Above is a screenshot from my iPhone taken yesterday, just after I set everything up. Now, I have two folders for my business, with every app I use in two convenient places (and alphabetically sorted, of course). There’s also my Social folder, which contains Facebook, Linked In and Twitter, plus a few others I check every day. I’m very happy with my new folders.

On another note, check out that DirecTV icon. Kinda fuzzy, right? Turns out that’s the case for any app that didn’t upgrade their icons for the new screen, and it’s quite noticeable. I’m sure most apps will eventually update, it’ll just take some time.

How about you guys and gals out there? Have you utilized Folders yet to your advantage?

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    1. Look up “Dial Wife 3.0 in the iPhone store. It’s 99 cents, and mine is an older version.

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