7 Apple Magic Mouse Charger Deals on Amazon

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Finding the perfect charger for your Apple Magic Mouse can be a hassle, especially with so many options available on Amazon.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable replacement, a backup, or just want to upgrade your charging setup, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll explore seven of the best Apple Magic Mouse charger deals on Amazon.

Furthermore, from budget-friendly options to premium picks, these chargers will keep your Magic Mouse powered up and ready for use.

Let’s dive into the top deals that combine quality, performance, and value, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

7 Best Apple Magic Mouse Charger Deals

1. HONKID Charging Station: The Perfect Accessory for Your Apple Magic Mouse and iPhone

White wireless charging station with a detachable lid and a USB-C to USB-A cable.

The HONKID Charging Station is the perfect accessory for your Apple Magic Mouse 2 and wireless charging iPhone.

With its sleek design, this versatile charger stand doubles as a reliable charging dock and a wireless charger, making it an essential addition to your workspace.

Additionally, the included 5ft USB-A to USB-C cable ensures flexibility and convenience, allowing you to charge your device anywhere.

Non-slip pads keep your mouse and holder secure, while the lightning cable compatibility and ergonomic design match seamlessly with your Apple devices, including the Apple Keyboard.

Keep your desk tidy and your devices charged effortlessly with this innovative solution.

2. Ascrono Charging Station for Apple Magic Mouse 2

Black Apple Magic Mouse resting on an Ascrono charging station with a USB charging cable.

The Ascrono Charging Station in dark grey is the perfect accessory for your Apple Magic Mouse 2, combining functionality and style.

Moreover, it works with all Magic Mouse 2 models from 2015-2022, this charger stand ensures a full charge every day.

Simply place your mouse on the station to begin charging effortlessly. The high-quality 5ft braided USB-A to lightning cable offers durability and easy connectivity.

Furthermore, available in matching Apple Magic Mouse design colors, it seamlessly blends with your setup, including the Apple Keyboard and Mac trackpad.

Enhance your workspace with this reliable and efficient Magic Mouse charger.

3. FIDECO Mouse Dock for Apple Magic Mouse 2 Charger with Ergonomic Design

White Apple Magic Mouse lifted above a FIDECO wireless charging dock with blue glowing light indicating charging.

The FIDECO Mouse Dock is an excellent accessory for your Apple Magic Mouse 2, combining an ergonomic design with a wireless charging base.

This Apple Magic Mouse charger enhances comfort and control, making it a valuable addition to your workspace.

Furthermore, simply insert your Magic Mouse into the dock and place it on the wireless charger to start charging. The white indicator lights up to show the charging status.

This dock works with the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and is designed to seamlessly match its design. It can be used alongside your magic keyboard and trackpad.

Additionally, the included cable makes it easy to charge your mouse to full capacity, ensuring it is always ready for use.

This could go excellent with a new iPhone charger. If this sounds good, then check out our article for the best Charger cable deals for iPhones.

4. BLUERIN Ergonomic Charging Base for Apple Magic Mouse 2

White BLUERIN ergonomic charging base for Apple Magic Mouse with a detached lid.

The BLUERIN Ergonomic Charging Base is perfect for your Apple Magic Mouse 2, offering increased comfort and control.

Moreover, it’s designed to support wireless charging, this base ensures your Magic Mouse is always ready for use.

Thanks to its seamless design, simply place your Apple Magic Mouse on the charging base, and it will start charging immediately.

This charger base works with all Magic Mouse 2 models from 2015-2024. It perfectly matches the Apple Magic Mouse design and keeps your workspace tidy.

Moreover, with its ergonomic grip and high-quality mouse skates, the BLUERIN charging base provides a smoother gliding experience and increased tracking.

This charger base is easy to carry and set up, and it is essential for anyone using an Apple Magic Mouse 2.

With the BLUERIN ergonomic charging base, you can experience the convenience of a full charge and enhanced control.

5. TATOFY Magic Mouse 2 Grip Ergonomic Charging Solution for a Super Magic MouseWhite TATOFY charging base for Apple Magic Mouse 2 with a detachable lid and outline of the charging pad.

Transform your Magic Mouse 2 into a Super Magic Mouse with the TATOFY Magic Mouse 2 Grip.

However, this innovative accessory combines an ergonomic grip and a mouse base with wireless charging support, providing a seamless user experience.

With its ergonomic design, it elevates your Magic Mouse to a comfortable height, reducing strain during use.

Moreover, the built-in smart chip ensures safe charging by preventing short circuits, overheating, and overcharging.

Furthermore, it works with Apple’s aesthetic design principles, making this grip a perfect match for your MacBook and other Apple devices.

Start charging effortlessly with the included cable, making this the ultimate Apple Magic Mouse charger.

6. ROUNKIN Magic Mouse Charger Compact, Portable, and Ergonomic Charging Stand

White ROUNKIN charging stand for Apple Magic Mouse with an angled design and a charging connector.

The ROUNKIN Magic Mouse Charger is perfect for your Apple Magic Mouse 2. Its magnetic adsorption design ensures precise alignment for easy charging. Moreover, this compact and portable charging stand includes a 5ft USB-C cable, making it ideal for travel or daily use.

Moreover, the ergonomic design improves hand posture, reducing fatigue during extended use, while the magnetic connection provides a stable charging experience.

Compatible with the magic keyboard and trackpad, this charger helps you start every day with a full charge.

With the ROUNKIN Magic Mouse Charger, you can keep your workspace tidy and your mouse fully powered.

7. ZEEHOO Wireless Charging Dock Ergonomic Grip Charging Base for Magic Mouse 2

White ZEEHOO wireless charging dock for Apple Magic Mouse with a detachable lid and a small grey carrying case.

The ZEEHOO Wireless Charging Dock is the perfect accessory for your Magic Mouse 2. It offers an ergonomic grip charging base designed to optimize hand posture and reduce fatigue.

This dock is compatible with Magic Mouse models from 2015-2022 and supports fast wireless charging, allowing you to start charging without removing the mouse.

Next, simply place your Magic Mouse 2 on the charging base and turn on the switch to begin.

The high-quality mouse skates ensure a smoother gliding experience, making it an essential addition to your Apple Magic Mouse setup.

Compact and lightweight, this charger is easy to carry and perfect for travel. It ensures your Magic Mouse 2 is always ready for use.


Finding the ideal charger for your Apple Magic Mouse has never been easier with these top-rated options available on Amazon.

From the versatile HONKID Charging Station to the ergonomic ZEEHOO Wireless Charging Dock, each product offers unique features tailored to enhance your workspace and ensure your Magic Mouse is always ready for action.

Whether you need a budget-friendly solution or a premium charging dock, these seven deals provide quality, performance, and value.

Upgrade your charging setup today with these excellent options and enjoy a seamless, clutter-free experience with your Apple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What charger does the Magic Mouse use?

The Magic Mouse uses a Lightning to USB wire for charging, which is typically included with the device. This cable connects the mouse to a USB port on your computer or a compatible power adapter.

How do you charge a Magic Apple mouse?

To charge a Magic Apple Mouse, connect the cable to the mouse’s charging port and then to a USB port on your computer or a power adapter. The mouse should be positioned upside down during charging.

Can I charge Magic Mouse to 20w?

Yes, you can use a 20W charger to charge the Magic Mouse. However, it won’t charge faster than its standard rate because the mouse’s internal charging system regulates the power input.

Can you charge the Apple Magic Mouse with wall charger?

Yes, you can charge the Apple Magic Mouse with a wall charger. Simply connect the mouse to the charger using a Lightning to USB wire and a compatible power adapter. Ensure the adapter meets Apple’s specifications.

What makes the Apple Magic Mouse design unique?

The Apple Magic Mouse design is unique due to its sleek, minimalistic aesthetic and multi-touch surface. This allows for intuitive gestures like swiping and scrolling. Its low profile enhances portability and ergonomics, aligning seamlessly with other Apple devices.

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