21 Best Apple Mac Mouse Deals on Amazon

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Finding the perfect deal on an Apple Mac Mouse can be a game-changer for enhancing your computing experience.

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer, a student, or someone who simply loves seamless navigation, getting the best price without compromising on quality is essential.

This article has meticulously curated 20 outstanding Apple Mac Mouse deals that cater to various needs and budgets.

From sleek and stylish designs to advanced features and ergonomic options, these deals promise great value.

Dive in to discover top discounts and offers that will help you maximize your investment in Apple technology.

21 Best Apple Mac Mouse Deals Today

1. Apple Magic Mouse: A Top Pick for Seamless Computing

Apple Magic Mouse with a sleek white top and silver base, showcasing its minimalist and modern design.

The Apple Magic Mouse is a top choice for anyone seeking a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled, and rechargeable mouse.

The official Apple device has a sleek white design and works seamlessly with both Mac and iPad devices. Its Multi-Touch surface makes for intuitive gestures like swiping and scrolling, making navigation effortless.

The Apple mouse boasts a long-lasting internal battery that can power through weeks of use on a single charge. Moreover, its excellent design lets it glide smoothly on any surface.

Currently available at $67.98, you can enjoy a 14% savings off the list price of $79.00.

With over 21,000 positive ratings and as an Amazon’s Choice product, it’s a reliable and popular option for enhancing your computing experience.

2. Apple Magic Mouse 2: Sleek and Efficient

Side view of an Apple Magic Mouse with a white top and silver base, showcasing its sleek and modern design.

Second on our list, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 in Silver offers a refined and ergonomic design, perfect for enhancing your Mac experience.

Priced at $60.27, this wireless and rechargeable Apple mouse eliminates the need for traditional batteries, making it eco-friendly and convenient.

Moreover, it features a lighter build with fewer moving parts, a continuous bottom shell, and an optimized design for smooth movement and easy tracking.

The Multi-Touch surface allows intuitive gestures like swiping and scrolling. Ready to use right out of the box, it pairs automatically with the Mac via Bluetooth or USB C to Lightning port.

With a 4.7-star rating from nearly 22,000 users, it’s a top choice for seamless navigation and productivity.

3. JETTA Wireless Mouse: Stylish and Functional

Side view of a pink wireless mouse for MacBook Pro with a reflective surface and sleek design.

JETTA Wireless Mouse in Rose Gold is third on our list, offering a blend of style and functionality.

This mouse can be compatible with a wide range of devices, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, desktop computers, and various PC laptops. It is perfect for versatile use.

It features wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and USB C options, a built-in rechargeable battery lasting up to 500 hours, and a 1600 DPI adjustable precision.

This mouse is an Amazon’s Choice product with over 8,500 positive ratings. It is priced at $11.98, a 14% discount off the list price of $13.96.

Its silent click and ergonomic design make it a comfortable and user-friendly option for both home and office environments.

4. Suteke Bluetooth Wireless USB C Port Mouse: Advanced and Versatile

Suteke Bluetooth wireless Mac mouse in silver with three additional color options (black, white, and pink) and a USB-C adapter.

Fourth on our list, the Suteke Bluetooth Wireless Mouse offers cutting-edge technology and versatility for seamless computing.

This stylish silver Apple mouse is compatible with Mac, iMac, iPad, Surface Pro, and various laptops and desktops.

Featuring dual-mode connectivity (Bluetooth 5.2/3.0 and USB-C/A), it allows pairing with two devices effortlessly.

The 2024 upgraded design includes adjustable DPI settings up to 1600, ensuring precise tracking.

Silent clicks and an ergonomic design enhance comfort, making it ideal for office or leisure use.

This Apple mouse, priced at $15.99, includes a rechargeable 800mAh battery, offering weeks of usage. The Suteke mouse compact and lightweight build makes it perfect for frequent travelers. Enjoy fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime and the 18-month warranty for a worry-free purchase.

5. Apple Magic Bluetooth Wireless Laser Mouse (Renewed): Sustainable and Efficient

White Apple Magic Mouse with a sleek, minimalist design and a silver Apple logo in the center.

Fifth on our list, the Apple Magic Bluetooth Wireless Laser Mouse (Renewed) is a fantastic option for those looking for a high-quality product with a reduced environmental impact.

Priced at $49.99, down from $69.99, you save 29% on this renewed model.

This wireless and Bluetooth-enabled mouse features advanced laser technology for superior tracking performance, ensuring precise and responsive navigation.

Inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers, this renewed product looks and works like new, offering reliability and sustainability.

It includes a 90-day supplier-backed warranty for added peace of mind. Its sleek top-shell design and compatibility with other Apple products make it a great addition to any setup.

6. Normdecos Bluetooth Wireless Mouse: Versatile and Comfortable

Normdecos Bluetooth wireless Mac mouse in silver with four additional color options (pink, white, grey, and black

Sixth on our list, the Normdecos Bluetooth Wireless Mouse in Gray combines advanced technology with ergonomic design.

This mouse, priced at $16.99, is a discount from the typical $19.99. It provides dual-mode connectivity with Bluetooth 5.2/3.0 and a 2.4GHz USB C port.

It seamlessly switches between devices, making it ideal for use with MacBook Air, Mac Pro, laptops, computers, and iPads.res 3 adjustable DPI levels (800/1200/1600) for precise tracking and ensures a responsive user experience.

The ergonomic design, silent clicks, and rechargeable 800mAh battery make it comfortable and eco-friendly.

Rated 4.3 stars by 665 users and an Amazon’s Choice product, it promises reliability and efficiency for various computing needs.

7. Vxeei Wireless Apple Mac Mouse: Efficient and Versatile

Silver wireless mouse with a sleek design, a DPI button, and a USB charging port, accompanied by a USB receiver and a USB-C adapter


Seventh on our list, the Vxeei Wireless Mouse offers a dual-mode connection, combining Bluetooth 5.2/3.0 and a 2.4GHz USB receiver for seamless switching between devices. This mouse is versatile and compatible with MacBook Pro, Air, iPad, Chromebooks, and various computers.

This Amazon’s Choice product, priced at $14.99, features an ergonomic design, silent clicks, and adjustable DPI settings (1000/1200/1600) for precise control.

The rechargeable battery ensures long-term use, with auto-sleep functionality to save power. Rated 4.3 stars by 1,298 users, it promises a reliable and comfortable experience for both professional and personal use.

Enjoy fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime and take advantage of the 24-hour online service for inquiries.

8. Tsmine Bluetooth Wireless Apple Mac Mouse: Compact and Quiet

Tsmine Bluetooth wireless mouse in pink with three additional color options (black, white, and silver) displayed below.

Eighth on our list, the Tsmine Bluetooth Wireless Mouse in Rose Gold is an excellent choice for Mac users seeking a sleek and efficient device. Priced at $18.99, this mouse features

Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iPad, and various other devices. Its laser optical technology ensures precise tracking, while the rechargeable Li-polymer battery offers long-lasting use.

Designed for comfort, the mouse has a slim, lightweight build and silent clicks, perfect for quiet environments.

With a 4.3-star rating from over 4,000 users, it’s praised for its portability and soundless operation. Enjoy fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime and use its energy-saving sleep mode for enhanced battery life.

9. Macally Silent Wired Mouse: Affordable and Reliable

White and gray wired mouse with the brand name 'Macally' on top, featuring a scroll wheel and DPI button, connected via a USB cable.

Macally Silent Wired Mouse offers an efficient and quiet solution for those seeking a dependable, straightforward computer mouse.

With a sleek white design and silver trim, this wired USB mouse is ideal for Apple Mac and Windows PC users. It features an optical sensor and a DPI switch, allowing you to choose between 800, 1200, 1600, or 2400 DPI for adjustable sensitivity.

It’s small and comfortable, so both right-handed and left-handed people can use it.

Priced at $16.95 with a 15% discount off the list price of $19.99, it’s a cost-effective option that reduces click noise by 90%.

Enjoy fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime and benefit from additional promotions for even more significant savings.

10. RAPIQUE Bluetooth Wireless Apple Mac Mouse: Stylish and EfficientWhite, sleek Bluetooth wireless mouse with an oval-shaped design and a central touch-sensitive button

Tenth on our list, the RAPIQUE Bluetooth Wireless Mouse offers a dual-mode connection and an ergonomic, stylish design. Priced at $12.79, down from $18.38, this mouse features Bluetooth 5.1 and a USB receiver for versatile connectivity.

Ideal for MacBooks, laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks, it provides a nearly silent experience with over 90% noise reduction on clicks.

The slim, lightweight design ensures comfort during use, while the 1600 DPI optical tracking offers precise control.

With up to 480 hours of battery life on a single AA battery (not included) and auto-sleep mode to conserve power, it’s perfect for home and office environments. Rated 4.4 stars by 1,257 users, this mouse combines functionality with style.

11. PEIBO Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse: Versatile and Efficient

   PEIBO rechargeable Bluetooth mouse in silver with six additional color options (blue, black, pink, grey, white, and yellow) displayed below, accompanied by a USB adapter. 

Eleventh on our list, the PEIBO Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse is an excellent choice for Mac users looking for a versatile and efficient device.

This mouse, priced at $11.96, down from $19.99, offers a dual-mode connection with Bluetooth 5.2/3.0 and a 2.4G USB receiver. It is compatible with various systems, including macOS, Windows, and iPadOS.

With over 22,850 ratings and a 4.3-star average, it’s highly rated for its performance.

The mouse features three adjustable DPI levels (800/1200/1600) for precise tracking and a rechargeable battery with an auto energy-saving sleep mode.

The flexible form makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time, and the silent clicks keep the room quiet. With this Amazon’s Choice product, you can enjoy seamless switching between devices and efficient productivity.

12. AE WISH ANEWISH Bluetooth Mouse: Reliable and Silent

Silver Bluetooth mouse with a sleek, curved design, featuring a scroll wheel and DPI adjustment button, with a charging port at the front. 

Twelfth on our list, the AE WISH ANEWISH Bluetooth Mouse offers a perfect combination of style and functionality for Mac users.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures long-lasting use, while the silent click design reduces noise by up to 90%. It also offers three adjustable DPI settings (800/1200/1600) for precise tracking.

This slim, portable mouse costs $16.99 can be used with many different products, such as MacBook Air, Pro, iPad, and more. Moreover, with a 4.2-star rating from over 9,000 users, it has Bluetooth connectivity features, making it easy to pair and connect quickly.

Through the ergonomic design, you ensure that you are comfortable for extended use. Moreover this makes it ideal for both office and home environments. Enjoy fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime and hassle-free returns.

13. Neises LED Bluetooth Apple Mac Mouse: Sleek and Colorful Magic Mouse Alternative

Neises LED Bluetooth mouse in white with a sleek design, featuring multicolored LED lighting along its sides. 

Thirteenth on our list, the Neises LED Bluetooth Mouse in Silver offers a vibrant and ergonomic alternative to the traditional Magic Mouse. Priced at $11.88, this wireless mouse is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPad, and various other devices.

The Magic Mouse-inspired design includes Bluetooth and USB connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with your devices. Additionally, it features 7-color LED lights, providing a visually appealing touch to your workspace.

The Neises LED Bluetooth Mouse is designed for comfort, with a skin-like multi-touch surface and an ergonomic build, making it perfect for all-day use, just like the Magic Mouse.

The mute design ensures quiet operation, which is ideal for office and home environments.

The built-in battery is rechargeable via micro USB, eliminating the need for AAA batteries, a feature that mirrors the convenience of the Magic Mouse.

14. Apple Mighty Mouse: Classic and Functional

White Apple Mighty Mouse with a smooth, oval design, a small central button, and a connected USB cable. 

Twelfth on our list, the Apple Mighty Mouse A1152 Wired USB (Renewed) is a classic choice for Mac users.

Priced at $31.00, this renewed mouse offers a reliable and eco-friendly option. It has been inspected and tested to meet Amazon Renewed standards.

Featuring touch-sensitive technology under its seamless top shell, it combines the programmability of a four-button mouse with a single-button design.

Moreover, the revolutionary 360-degree Scroll Ball allows effortless navigation within documents.

Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows, this optical, USB 2.0 mouse ensures smooth performance.

While not a Magic Mouse, the Mighty Mouse provides a practical alternative for those seeking a wired connection. Additionally, this renewed product offers functionality and reliability that are synonymous with the Magic Mouse lineup.

15. MEETION Mac Keyboard and Apple Mac Mouse: Stylish and Versatile MEETION Mac keyboard and mouse set in white, with a compact wireless keyboard and a silver wireless mouse, accompanied by USB and Bluetooth adapters. 

The MEETION Mac Keyboard and Mouse Bundle is the 15th mouse on our list. It offers seamless connectivity and ultimate productivity for Mac users.

This bundle, priced at $39.99, includes a slim, rechargeable keyboard and an Apple Magic Mouse-style mouse, both designed for compatibility with MacBook Air/Pro, iMac, iPad, and iPhone.

Moreover, it has dual connectivity options and supports both 2.4GHz USB-A and Bluetooth channels, ensuring a clutter-free setup.

The mouse includes four adjustable DPI settings (800-1200-1600-2400) for precise navigation. Additionally, the minimalist design enhances workspace aesthetics, and the USB-C adapter ensures seamless integration with various Mac devices.

This bundle provides a versatile and efficient solution for dynamic work environments.

16. Macally USB Wired Mouse: Reliable and Simple

White and gray Macally wired mouse with a scroll wheel and a USB cable connection. 

The Macally USB Wired Mouse is a straightforward and reliable option for Mac and Windows users. It’s sixteenth on our list and costs $14.99. This Amazon’s Choice product features a simple three-button layout with a scroll wheel, designed for comfort during long work hours.

Its ergonomic and ambidextrous design makes it suitable for all users. A precise 1200 DPI optical sensor ensures smooth and accurate cursor control.

Additionally, this plug-and-play mouse requires no drivers, making it a convenient addition to any workspace.

While we previously mentioned the silent version of this mouse, this model offers a more budget-friendly alternative to the Magic Mouse without compromising functionality.

17. Satechi Wireless Mouse for MacBook Pro: Sleek and Versatile

Top view of a Satechi wireless mouse for MacBook Pro in a sleek black and grey finish with an ergonomic design. 

The Satechi Mouse for MacBook Pro in Space Grey combines modern design with high performance.

This wireless mouse, which sells for $30.00, features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ensuring seamless connectivity within a 32-foot range.

Its high-precision optical sensors and 1200 DPI resolution guarantee fast and accurate tracking, making it ideal for multitasking on various surfaces.

Moreover, one of its standout features is the USB C rechargeable port, which offers a quick and eco-friendly solution to power your mouse. Additionally, the built-in lithium-ion battery eliminates any need for harmful disposable batteries, and the included USB C to USB charging cable ensures convenience.

With a 4.4-star rating from over 6,900 users, this mouse also includes a one-year warranty and customer support for added peace of mind. Elevate your productivity and style with the Satechi wireless mouse, which is perfect for any tech-savvy individual.

18. Apple Magic Trackpad: Effortless Navigation

Apple Magic Trackpad with a sleek white surface and silver base, showcasing its minimalist design.

Elevate your productivity with the Apple Magic Trackpad. This wireless, rechargeable device seamlessly connects to your Mac or iPad via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for loose batteries.

Furthermore, the sizeable edge-to-edge glass surface enhances your swiping through web pages and scrolling efficiency, while the built-in sensors detect subtle pressure differences for a more intuitive experience.

Moreover, the Magic Trackpad’s sleek design allows it to move smoothly across your desk, ensuring comfort and precision.

With an impressive battery life of about a month, it includes a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable for easy pairing and charging. Rated 4.8 stars, it’s a top choice for enhancing your workflow.

The woven USB C cable ensures mouse durability and lets you glide smoothly on any surface.

19. Macally Wireless Bluetooth Apple Mac Mouse: Silent and Comfortable

Top view of a Macally wireless Bluetooth mouse in white, featuring an ergonomic design and central scroll wheel. 

Nineteenth on our list, the Macally Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is designed for quiet and comfortable use.

It is priced at $19.99 and features silent click buttons with a silicone membrane that reduces noise by 90%.

Moreover, the ambidextrous, ultra-slim design fits perfectly in your palm and is suitable for left- and right-handed users.

With a solid Bluetooth connection, it works seamlessly with devices like Mac Studio and Mac Mini, reaching up to 30 feet. Included AAA batteries last up to 3 months.

This budget-friendly mouse offers reliable performance, backed by Macally’s lifetime support and a 2-year warranty.

20. Macally Premium Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse: Essential Combo for Mac UsersMacally premium Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set in white, featuring a full-size keyboard and an ergonomic wireless mouse.

Twentieth on our list, the Macally Premium Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a functional duo for your Mac setup.

This combo, priced at $59.99, includes a rechargeable wireless keyboard with 110 scissor-switch keys and 20 shortcut keys and a silent magic mouse with 3 DPI modes.

Compatible with Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and Mac Studio, it also pairs with iOS, PC, and Android devices, allowing seamless switching between up to three devices. Furthermore, the built-in rechargeable batteries provide extended use with an included charging cable.

Enhance your workspace with this Amazon’s Choice product, perfect for those seeking a reliable Apple mouse and computer mice combo.

Enjoy excellent customer service and a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

21. Neises Bluetooth Apple Mac Mouse: Versatile and Fun

Close-up of a sleek black Bluetooth mouse with multicolor LED accents, shown alongside smaller images of the same mouse in black, pink, and white variants

Last but not least, the Neises Bluetooth Mouse is a fantastic option for MacBook Air, Mac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPad Pro, and iMac users.

This mouse, priced at $11.99, is an Amazon’s Choice product tha has 4.4-star rating from over 4,400 users.

The 2024 upgraded design features LED lights that can be toggled to match your mood, adding a touch of fun to your workspace.

Moreover, its dual-mode functionality (Bluetooth 5.1 + 2.4GHz) allows seamless switching between two devices. The built-in rechargeable battery will power your mouse efficiently, and the auto energy-saving mode ensures longevity.

Furthermore, with three adjustable DPI levels (1000, 1200, 1600) and silent click buttons, it’s perfect for both work and play.

The lightweight, slim design makes it portable and pocket-sized, ideal for travel. Rechargeable with an optimized charging cable, this magic mouse offers convenience and performance at an affordable price.

What Is a Renewed Product on Amazon? 

We mentioned renewed products multiple times on this list. But what exactly are renewed products on Amazon?

Let’s dive into what these items are and why they might be a great choice for savvy shoppers.

Renewed Products on Amazon

Renewed products on Amazon are pre-owned items that have been inspected, tested, and refurbished to work and look like new.

Moreover, these items go through a thorough process to ensure they meet Amazon’s high standards for quality and performance.

Typically, renewed products include electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and computer peripherals like the Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Trackpad.

The Inspection and Testing Process

  1. Full Diagnostic Test: Each product undergoes a comprehensive diagnostic test so you can identify and fix any potential issues.
  2. Replacement of Defective Parts: Any defective components are replaced to ensure the product functions as intended.
  3. Thorough Cleaning: The items are cleaned and sanitized, making them look and feel like new.
  4. Packaging: While the packaging might be generic, all necessary accessories are included.

Benefits of Choosing Renewed Products

  • Cost Savings: Renewed products are typically sold at a significant discount compared to brand-new items.
  • Sustainability: Buying renewed products reduces electronic waste by giving pre-owned items a second life.
  • Quality Assurance: Amazon guarantees the functionality of renewed products with a rigorous inspection and testing process.

What to Expect When Buying Renewed Products

Amazon renewed products always have a minimum 90-day supplier-backed warranty, ensuring peace of mind for buyers.

Some products may even offer extended warranties or return policies, providing further assurance. Moreover, you must ensure that the renewed product works with your existing devices and operating systems.

Are Renewed Apple Magic Mouses Good?

Absolutely! A renewed Apple Magic Mouse Silver or Apple Magic Mouse Black offers the same functionality and sleek design as a new one but at a lower price.

Moreover, these devices are rigorously tested, refurbished, and guaranteed to perform like new, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

Why the Magic Mouse Is Wireless and Perfect for Swiping Between Web Pages and Scrolling

The official Apple Magic Mouse is the best option regardless of the generation. Let’s see why.

Perform Simple Gestures with Multi-Touch Surface

The Magic Mouse’s multi-touch surface allows users to perform easy gestures seamlessly. This multi-touch surface feature enables intuitive interactions, with gestures such as swiping up:

  • Swiping between web pages
  • Scrolling through documents
  • Zooming in and out with ease

These gestures make navigating around automatically with this port on your Mac, or iPad more efficient and enjoyable.

The Convenience of the Lightning Cable

The lightning wire included with the Magic Mouse makes recharging straightforward and quick. Simply power your magic mouse, C to lightning cable, connect the lightning cable that lets you to your device, and in no time, your mouse is ready to go. This method of charging ensures:

  • No need for disposable batteries
  • Quick and easy recharging
  • Minimal downtime, keeping you productive

Long Battery Life: About a Month Between Charges

One of the standout features of the Magic Mouse is its impressive battery life. The rechargeable battery can last around a month on a single charge, depending on usage. This longevity means:

  • Less frequent charging
  • Reliable performance throughout the day
  • Consistent availability for your tasks

Optimized Foot Design for Smooth Movement

The optimized foot design of the Magic Mouse ensures it glides smoothly across your desk. This design reduces friction, providing:

  • Effortless navigation
  • Precise cursor control
  • Enhanced comfort during extended use


Finding the perfect deal on an Apple Mac Mouse has a significate influence over your experience. Regardless of whether you’re a professional, student, or someone who loves seamless navigation.

Our list of 20 outstanding Apple Mac Mouse deals offers options to suit various needs and budgets.

From sleek designs and advanced features to ergonomic comfort, these deals promise excellent value.

Explore the top discounts and offers to maximize your investment in Apple technology, ensuring you get the hughest quality and performance, without having to break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying a renewed Apple Magic Mouse?

Buying a renewed Apple Magic Mouse offers several benefits. Some of the include significant cost savings compared to new models.

To make sure they meet high standards for performance and look, these mice are carefully inspected, tested, and fixed up.

Additionally, purchasing renewed products supports sustainability by reducing electronic waste. Renewed Apple Magic Mice often comes with a warranty and return policy, providing peace of mind.

Overall, you get a like-new product at a fraction of the price, making it a smart and eco-friendly choice.

How long does the battery last on an Apple Magic Mouse?

The Apple Magic Mouse has a great battery life. It can last up to a month on a single charge, depending on how much you use it.

Because this battery lasts a long time, you can work without having to stop often to charge it.

Also, the Magic Mouse has a recharging battery built right in. This means you don’t have to use throwaway batteries, which makes it a greener choice.

When it’s time to charge, all you have to do is power your magic mouse through the use the lightning cord that came with it.

What is the difference between an Apple Magic Mouse and a traditional mouse?

The Apple Magic Mouse features a sleek, minimalist design and a multi-touch surface that allows users to perform simple gestures. This can induce things like swiping through web pages, scrolling through documents, and zooming.

Unlike traditional mice, which often have multiple buttons and a scroll wheel, the Magic Mouse offers a seamless, buttonless design with touch-sensitive technology.

Additionally, the Magic Mouse is wireless and rechargeable with an optimized battery, providing convenience and reducing the need for disposable batteries, whereas traditional mice typically require wired connections or regular battery replacements.

Can the Apple Magic Mouse be used with devices other than Macs?

Yes, the Apple Magic Mouse can be used with devices other than Macs. It is compatible with various devices, including iPads and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

To use the Apple Magic Mouse with non-Mac devices, ensure that the device supports Bluetooth connectivity and has the appropriate operating system.

Furthermore, for iPads, iPadOS 13.4 or later is required. The seamless pairing process and multi-touch surface functionality make it a versatile option for enhancing productivity across different platforms, including tablets and PCs.

How do I connect my Apple Magic Mouse to my Mac or iPad?

Connecting your Apple Magic Mouse to your Mac or iPad is straightforward. For Macs, ensure Bluetooth is enabled, then turn on your Apple Magic Mouse.

It should appear in the Bluetooth preferences, where you can click “Pair” to connect.

For iPads, ensure you have a Bluetooth enabled Mac device, then go to Settings > Bluetooth and select the Magic Mouse from the list of available devices.

The mouse will automatically pair, allowing you to start using it right away for a seamless navigation experience.

Where can I buy a USB C to Lightning Cable?

You can buy a Lightning to USB C wire on Amazon. They offer a variety of options from different brands, including official Apple cables. Simply search for it on Amazon to find the best deals and read customer reviews to choose the right one.

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