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10 Meditation Apps for iPhone

meditation app for iphone

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With the pandemic looming over people’s lives in recent months, the mental health of the majority has been taking a hit. Not being able to go out and socialize has been taking a toll on some people. Coupled with uncertainties that the outbreak has brought into the world, more and more people are getting anxious about the future. One of the many ways to silence the noisy thoughts in your head is to meditate. Here are some of the meditation apps for iPhone that can help you cope through this pandemic.

Choose the best meditation app for iPhone

1. Headspace

meditation app for iphone

One of the most well-known meditation apps for iPhone is Headspace. It guides users in their meditation as well as provides mindful techniques on how to meditate properly. Headspace can be used for daytime or night time use. It features several music tracks and nature sounds to help you fall asleep. In addition, Headspace also creates meditation plans specifically for you based on your personal level. It’s a great option for beginners in meditation.

2. Buddhify

meditation app for iphone

Buddhify features over 200 meditations to choose from. They are designed to reduce the anxiety you are feeling as well as to manage any heavy emotions. This meditation app for iPhone features categories that are made to suit whatever phase you are currently in. Buddhify has meditations for when you’re waking up as well as for while you’re working, which makes it a flexible meditation app for everyone.

3. MyLife Meditation

iphone meditation app

If you are burdened with heavy emotions, try using MyLife Meditation app. It recommends meditations based on what you are feeling at the moment. This meditation app aims to help you identify and understand your emotions as well as to relieve you of your stress and anxiety. Aside from meditations, it also features yoga and acupressure videos, in case you don’t feel like meditating that day.

4. Ten Percent Happier

Constantly looking for fresh content about meditation? If so, Ten Percent Happier is the meditation app for you. What makes this app great is you won’t get bored with it at all. It features new content on a weekly basis, which makes you look forward to discovering a new meditation every single week.

5. Omvana

Omvana is a meditation app for iPhone designed to act like your mentor in learning meditation. It features guided meditation to teach you mindfulness in all phases of your life. This app’s guided meditations can last from 3 to 60 minutes depending on your preference. It’s a great meditation app for people looking to lower their stress and anxiety levels.

6. The Mindfulness App

Beginners to meditation will find The Mindfulness App quite helpful. This meditation app features an introduction to meditation as well as a five-day guided practice to ease you into the exercise. It also offers personalized meditation plans as well as a meditation journal to help you track your progress. The Mindfulness App works well for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

7. Calm

You can’t make a list of meditation apps without including Calm, one of the best meditation apps available on the App store. It can be used by literally anyone – it even contains a Calm Kids category for meditation designed for ages 3 to 17. One of its new features is its Sleep Stories where a calming voice will lull you to sleep. Aside from guided meditation, Calm also offers breathing exercises that will help decrease your stress levels. It definitely offers an all-around calming experience.

8. Sattva

Based on Vedic principles of meditation, Sattva is a meditation app for iPhone that offers exercises conveyed by Sanskrit scholars. All its guided meditations are simple and start at six minutes though you can extend the duration depending on your goals. Sattva also features a meditation journal as well as thought playlists that you can listen to for inspiration.

9. Waking Up: A Meditation Course

Waking Up: A Meditation Course is a meditation app that follows Sam Harris as he discovers the art of meditation. A neuroscientist, author, and philosopher, Sam Harris explored the theories behind the practice of meditation and its effects on people’s minds in this app. Aside from reducing your stress, this meditation app will also help you in making discoveries about yourself in the process.

10. Abide – Christian Meditation

christian meditation app

Some people reduce their stress and anxiety through Christian meditation. If you’re looking for an app that will guide you with this, check out Abide – Christian Meditation. It features a library of more than a thousand biblical meditations to help you start your day. This meditation app for iPhone also offers bedtime stories from the Bible to help you sleep soundly. It’s a great option for people specifically looking for this kind of meditation app.

These meditation apps can help you cope and relax despite the chaos around you. They are designed to aid you in facing your anxieties and worries in life. Hopefully, these meditation apps will help you in some way to let you fall asleep and find your peace of mind.

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