Free iOS Apps Today, May 30, 2016

paid ios apps gone free

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Here are this week’s paid iOS apps gone free.

We’ve got no games today, but the free apps are quite useful.


(As usual, remember they’re free now but they won’t be free forever, so download while you can.)

Free iOS apps today

Fake Calculator – Secret photo and video hider and private browser

free ios apps today

An iPhone calculator that works – and looks! – exactly like any other calculator until you type in your secret passcode. The calculator then turns into a private storage app in which you can hide your most secret photos, videos, notes, and more. There is also a private web browser included that does not save any history on your phone and allows you to save secret bookmarks within the app.

Some of the features:

  • Save your secret photos and videos
  • Write and store private notes
  • Import and view top-secret files (.doc,.ptp,.xls,etc.) from your computer
  • Store contacts you don’t want in your regular address book
  • Save all your passwords in one place
  • Browse the internet without leaving any traces
  • Make secret website bookmarks
  • And, of course, a great calculator app! 🙂

Business Plan & Start Your Business

free ios apps today

The app helps you write a business plan and start a business in 3 distinct ways:

1) This business plan app will teach you how to think about each section of a business plan, and empower you to create a great business plan, and start your small business or startup the best way possible.
2) This business plan app gives you software tools and a business plan template to help you create a small business plan, stay on track and motivated, and plan your business with friends and co-founders.
3) Access to extra business help if you feel that you need extra support in starting your startup.

Some features of the app:

  • Create your business plan privately or with business partners.
  • Walk through tutorials for every section of a typical business plan.
  • Get a step by step timeline that takes you from planning to starting your business.
  • Download your business plan to email for free.
  • Get business planning help for your startup from our community.
  • Get organized and motivated by maintaining a to-do list.

Smart Recorder DE Classic for iPad

paid ios apps gone free

Smart Recorder DE gives you all the functionality of the popular Smart Recorder product. In addition, it gives you full editing capabilities. You can trim recordings. You can cut, copy and paste recording segments. When recording, you can either append to the end of a recording, insert the new material in the middle or overwrite a portion of an older recording.

Smart Recorder DE provides the following features:

  • A simple user interface
  • Background recording and playback (other apps can run while Smart Recorder is recording or playing or your device can be sleeping during recording or playback)
  • Generation of ringtones for the iPhone
  • Sonoma Wireworks MAPI Copy/Paste support–exchange recordings with any of 90 apps which support MAPI
  • Multiple export/import methods including:
    • Dropbox
    • Email
    • Wifi sync


free ios apps

Cleu makes it easy to automate your environment on a schedule.

No more scrambling through endless apps to coordinate all of your smart devices & services. Cleu organizes your preferences with a single action.


  • Alarm Clock – Cleu is the leading alarm clock on the AppStore. With a connect-the-dots gesture upon wake, you’ll be sure to get up with one alarm.
  • Uber- Presets your Uber pickups according to time or your preferred location. “Snooze” the order if you need extra time.
  • Nest- Makes sure your Nest thermostat is properly adjusted for your next weekend gathering or day out.
  • Hue- Sets your Philips Hue light to create the perfect ambiance for an evening dinner, or simply to serve as a reminder for a phone call or meeting.
  • Cleu Timer- Need a countdown for your next meeting? For the oven? This feature functions as a simple timer or stopwatch for everyday use. Available to use on Apple Watch.
  • Calendar- Displays your upcoming appointments for easy scheduling.
  • Weather- Elegant temperature display and animation- perfect for waking up to an experience powered by Cleu.

iWish – Life Goals and Bucket List


With iWish you have all the tools you need to set Smart Goals and Fulfill your Dreams!

DISCOVER: Get inspired with a collection of more than 1200 amazing ideas
• Wellness activities for Health and Happiness
• Relationship goals with Friends and Family
• Beautiful Travel destinations and Places to See
• Sport and Adventures experiences
• Career and financial goals, personal development
• Lifestyle tips, interesting facts and helpful advice

PLAN: Stay organized with to do lists, priorities and reminders
• “The future depends on what you do today” – Mahatma Gandhi
• Achieve ambitious goals with to do planning and progress tracking
• Prioritize your short term and long term goals
• Set routine and long term reminders to stay focused

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