Free iOS Apps Today: Download Paid Apps for Free, August 22, 2016

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Good morning, app lovers!

Let’s get us some free apps, shall we? Here are paid apps gone free to start the week.

(As usual, remember they’re free now but they won’t be free forever, so download while you can.)

Free iOS apps today

Pixel Cup Soccer 16

free ios apps

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a casual retro style soccer game, a great evolution from the first edition. It’s a dynamic arcade game with a fast paced gameplay, just the fun part of soccer! The game has great pixel art graphics like the games from the 90’s, evoking nostalgia!

Play Modes:
1. Friendly Match
2. Competitions
3. Penalty Kicks

You can play single player (player VS computer), two players (player VS player), or Party Mode (in Competitions).

The supported competitions are:

  • Rio 2016 Olympic Games (men and women)
  • Copa America Centenario 2016 in USA
  • European Cup 2016 in France
  • World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup
  • Pixel League
  • Pixel Tournament

Tired Birds

free ios apps today

Familiar but brand new, unique and fun addictive puzzle game!


  • Unique and new style puzzle
  • Easy and simple control
  • Free and creative play
  • Insanely addictive
  • Cute and lovely Tired Birds characters
  • Two game modes
  • Game Center support
  • Designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

5-in-1 Emoji Widget Games

ios apps gone free

Your Emojis come to Life in Your Notification Center!

It’s Quick, Easy, and Fun!

Just Pull Down Your Notification Center and Play!

Enjoy 4-in-1 Amazing Emoji Games

  • Jumping Ghost
  • Snake Moji
  • The Emoji Game
  • Running Emoji Man

Turn your Emojis to Life Download GameMoji Today!

Essence — Breathing Relaxation

free ios apps

Essence is the world’s simplest breathing relaxation app.

Based on the proven 4-7-8 breathing technique, Essence’s minimalist user interface was crafted for peace and tranquility.

Relax. Breathe. Live.



note-taking app

Vesper is a simple and elegant tool for collecting notes, ideas, things to do — anything you want to remember. Organize your notes whatever way comes naturally to you, without complications. Vesper’s focus is on how it feels to use.

  • Use tags to group related notes.
  • Attach photos.
  • Drag and drop notes to reorder them — move important ones up, other ones down.
  • Swipe a note to send it to the archive. Out of sight, but remembered forever.
  • Keep notes backed up with Vesper Sync.
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